Are Swim Spas Better Than Pools?

While both a swim spa and a pool make an excellent addition to any home, is one better than the other? The increasing demand and popularity of the swim spa suggests that it might just be the preferred choice for many. But why is this the case? What sets a swim spa apart from pools on the market? Below, we’ll provide you with the top reasons swim spas have grown in popularity. 

Top Swim Spa Benefits

Swim spas provide unmatched versatility.

Known as “the best of both worlds,” swim spas provide more versatility than pools alone. They are ultimately a combination of a hot tub and pool in one compact unit, providing benefits that can be found in both. Whether you’re looking for a space to swim, workout, relax or play with the whole family, swim spas do it all. Additionally, unlike a pool, you can transform your swim spa experience from swimming or exercising to relaxing at the end of the night, just as you would in a hot tub. 

They provide endless benefits.

Expanding upon the previous point of versatility, swims spas also provide numerous benefits. Relief of aches and pains, reduced tension and blood pressure, improved sleep, and better mobility are a few of the benefits. Swim spas also provide a low-impact means of working out and swimming, so they can be enjoyed by those of any age. They are also great for arthritis pain and post-injury recovery. The combination of warm water and jets provides the perfect environment for improved wellness overall, both physically and mentally. 

They’re compact and easy to maintain.

Because of their size, swim spas are excellent options for those looking to benefit from a pool but have limited space. Up to 21 feet long, they are generally a size in between a hot tub and a pool. There are countless collections to choose from, and different makes or models might be better suited for your space than others. They are also easier to maintain long-term. For instance, Hydropool swim spas come equipped with self-cleaning technology, and, therefore, require less work. The combination of this technology and less water to work with makes a swim spa a much easier unit to keep clean and maintain in general. To learn more about Hydropool swim spa collections, contact your local spa dealer!

They provide countless fitness opportunities.

Are you looking for a space to work out and swim from the comfort of your own home? A swim spa provides the ideal swimming environment where you can swim in place using advanced jet technology. Simply adjust the setting to your preferred level and begin swimming against the current. This is the perfect option for new swimmers or experts, as you can change levels depending on your skill and comfort. Additionally, there are also numerous exercise options aside from swimming. Equipped in select Hydropool swim spa models is treadmill technology in which you can set the jets to create a space to run or walk with ease. There is also an anchor point where you can attach workout bands, swim boards and more, along with FORM goggles and a Hydropool Water Watch that track your workout performance. You can also add water weights to your swim spa for an elevated experience! There are many ways you can improve your fitness with a swim spa, and these are just a few. 

They can be used year-round.

Another benefit many swim spa owners adore is the ability to use their spa year-round. While pools can only be used in the summertime in many climates, swim spas can be used at any point of the year, regardless of where you live. Because of their superb insulation and unique designs, Hydropool swim spas are made to withstand even the harshest Canadian winters. 

Better return on your investment.

Going hand in hand with the fact that swim spas can be used year-round means you will get more for your money. Rather than having limited time to reap the benefits of a pool, you can use a swim spa at any point, which results in a better bang for your buck! Additionally, because of the versatility of a swim spa, the whole family can benefit from using it. It might also be just what you need to achieve your fitness goals, which means less money spent on a gym membership and more comfortable, at-home workouts. 

There are many reasons why people adore swim spas, and these are a few of them. From their unmatched versatility to their compact size, it’s no wonder swim spas have been growing in popularity and demand in recent years. To learn more about choosing the right one for you and your home, download our free buyer’s guide.


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