Are Swim Spas Good For Families With Children?

Swim spas have become a popular addition to many homes and are beloved by those with and without children. Due to the versatility of a swim spa, there is something for everyone, at any age, to enjoy. From swimming and playing to exercising and relaxing, swim spas do it all and provide opportunities for enjoyment regardless of age, level or ability. Below, we’ll provide you with what you should know about how families with children can benefit from adding a swim spa to their homes.

What is a Swim Spa? 

A swim spa is referred to as “the best of both worlds” because it combines all of the benefits of a hot tub and pool but is smaller and more versatile. The same jet systems that provide perfect, customized massages create the ideal swimming environment regardless of your level. Simply turn on the jets to your desired level and begin swimming against them with nothing more than the current and your momentum to keep you afloat. Additionally, in select Hydropool swim spas you will find that there is also the option to walk or run in place, along with various other exercise options. Many people see a swim spa as not only adding what would be the combination of a pool and hot tub to their homes, but it essentially serves as an at-home gym, too. From adding exercise bands and weights to swimming at any intensity, a swim spa does it all. You can reach out to a Hydropool swim spa dealer near you to learn more about the long list of benefits.

Why Swim Spas Are Great For Children

There are many reasons why swim spas are so beloved by families with children. Here are a few of them; 

  • Swim spas are an excellent way for children to get comfortable in the water while also learning to swim at whatever level they might be at. For those just starting out, the addition of a boogie board, for example, can help them get used to being in the water. With the anchor point on each Hydropool swim spa, you can attach different flotation devices so that children can learn to swim against the current and adjust the intensity of the jets to ensure that it’s at the appropriate level. 
  • Because swim spas are compact units that can be used from the comfort of your own home year-round, not only can you be present and monitoring your children as they swim, but they can be learning at any point throughout the year. This allows children to practice swimming or simply have a great, safe place to play at home. The versatility of swim spas is great for the whole family, because while some people might want to sit back and relax against the massage jets, others may want to play, swim or exercise. This ultimately means that you are also creating the perfect environment for some quality family time. Because not every person has to be doing the same thing, you’re provided with the freedom of doing what you’d like while still spending time together. 
  • Owning a swim spa means having control over the cleanliness of the water and the safety and well-being of your children. By regularly checking the chemical levels of your pool and keeping on top of routine cleaning, you can be sure that the water is safe and healthy for everyone to use. Additionally, you can also dictate the water’s temperature, which will likely need to be different when children are swimming in it than at other times. 

Swim Spa Safety Precautions For Children 

It’s always important to ensure that safety precautions are put in place where children and water are involved. For example, a barrier around your pool or spa at least 4 feet high is required. This ensures that children will not be able to enter the pool while unsupervised. Additionally, having a high-quality swim spa cover is also necessary to ensure their safety. This is a preventative measure to keep children and also animals safe from the water. It’s important to remember to put your swim spa cover on whenever it’s not in use, for this very reason and more.

There are many ways that families with children can benefit from owning a swim spa, and we have provided a handful of them. To learn more about choosing the perfect swim spa for you and your home, download our free buyer’s guide.


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