What is the Best Material For a Hot Tub?

With many different types of hot tubs on the market, knowing which one is best may not seem very clear. What materials should you be looking for when buying a hot tub and what might influence this decision? Below, we’ll provide you with what you need to know about choosing the hot tub with the best material for you and your home. 

What Are Hot Tubs Made Of? 

Knowing what materials are generally used to make a hot tub is important. Generally speaking, many will be made of acrylic, vinyl or rotomolded plastic, which is when a plastic powder is melted evenly over a mould. As it might be expected, this is one of the less expensive methods of making a hot tub, but it also isn’t the best material to retain heat. With this said, this material alone won’t generally be enough to keep your hot tub at the optimal temperature, which will likely end up costing you more down the line. 

A hot tub made of acrylic materials is created in a similar manner, where the acrylic is melted down over a mould, but once it has cooled down, other materials, like resin and fibreglass, are added to make it a more stable structure. As a result of the process and material used, hot tubs made this way will likely be more expensive. But they will also be heavier and able to retain heat more efficiently than other options on the market because of added insulation. 

You may also see hot tub options made of vinyl. For these hot tubs, a layer of vinyl is placed over a cement frame. Although this is a good option, these hot tubs will likely not hold up in extreme weather or last as long as hot tubs made of acrylic materials. 

On top of the shell materials used and how they will work to make the hot tub insulated, there is also the process of adding insulation. 

Hot Tub Insulation Matters 

Even though the warm weather is here, having proper insulation in your hot tub is incredibly important for many reasons. Not only will it be very beneficial, come winter, to keep your hot tub’s water at the desired temperature, but it will also help retain heat year-round. In addition, the more insulation and quality materials used for your hot tub, the less you will need to spend on heating it. For example, Hydropool’s Thermal Shield Technology redistributes heat produced from running parts like the jets, pump, etc., to heat your hot tub further. This innovative and eco-friendly design means you can get your hot tub to your ideal temperature quicker and have it remain there longer. This advanced insulation technology, in combination with the materials used, allows a Hydropool hot tub to run at 100 degrees for only pennies a day. This is why it’s important to know what your hot tub is made of and any other features that might make one manufacturer’s hot tubs stand out from the rest.   

Many other hot tubs on the market will have added insulation as a thick layer of expanding foam, whether entirely throughout the shell or just in specific parts like the floor or underside. Regardless of the manufacturer you choose, it is very important to keep these aspects in mind. If you have any questions about the specifics of how a hot tub is created or what materials are used, you can always reach out to a hot tub dealer near for any questions you may have. 

The Exterior of a Hot Tub

Although it might not be quite as essential, it is still certainly important to know that your hot tub looks the way you want it to. Additionally, the outside of your hot tub can also be optimized to make maintenance easy and allow you to have it look just the way you want it to. For instance, many hot tubs will feature side panelling that makes it easy for potential service calls or maintenance. Because the side panelling can easily be taken off, it can also just as easily be replaced. Whether it starts to look weathered with time or you simply want a fresh look, having this option allows you to create the space you want with a quality, reliable hot tub as a focal point. 

There are many reasons why knowing what materials are used to create a hot tub is important before buying one for your home. To learn more about finding your perfect hot tub, download our free buyer’s guide.


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