When is the Best Time to Change Your Swim Spa’s Filter?

Although the maintenance that comes with caring for a swim spa or hot tub will be less than a pool because of their compact size, being aware of what’s involved in keeping them clean is still very important. As a swim spa owner, you might be wondering how frequently you should be checking your water’s pH levels, the filter and more. We’re here to walk you through the simple steps and provide you with the information you need to know how to properly maintain clean, sparkling, healthy swim spa water this season.

A Swim Spa’s Filter

The basic rule of thumb is that a swim spa’s filter needs to be changed every 6 to 12 months. This is, however, dependent upon a variety of influences specific to you and your home. There are many factors at play, from how often the swim spa is used and how frequently the cover is put on to any external factors. For example, if you find that you’re regularly dealing with cloudy water that doesn’t necessarily look, feel, or smell the cleanest, we recommend looking at the state of your filter. These things could very well be signs that your filter could need changing. Not only is this important for the state of your swim spa, but for those using it too. For example, a swim spa’s pH levels should be between 7.4 and 7.6. These changes to the water you’re seeing will likely already indicate an imbalance in the pH levels. This is why it’s important to regularly use testing strips or a testing kit to check your water’s levels.

Staying on top of changing your swim spa’s filter allows the water to run through your spa easier. If, for instance, you find that a lot of leaves or dirt are getting into your swim spa, then you might see that there is a build-up of these things in the filter. Since it is the filter’s main responsibility to circulate clean water back into your spa, it’s important to ensure that it can do its job properly. Another important thing to remember is that this dirt or debris will eventually be pushed elsewhere, like the pump, if it is constantly running and not being regularly checked or cleaned. This will be a much greater issue to fix than if the filter had been properly cared for from the beginning. By cleaning your filter or changing it even before the necessary timeframe, you’re actively preventing other running parts of your swim spa from being affected. With all this said, it certainly isn’t necessary to change your swim spa’s filter every month or even every few months. However, it is important to simply keep an eye on it and be intuitive with its cleaning or changing.

Proactive Steps You Can Take to Help Your Filter Last Longer

Keeping your swim spa’s cover on is key to helping with the longevity of your spas water and thus, the filter, too. Because things like bugs, dirt, leaves or rainwater can influence the pH levels and the state of the water, it’s important to keep your cover on when not in use. This can also prevent these things from becoming trapped in your filter. Clean water also comes through water care products. Whether that’s in the form of chlorine, a vacuum, skimmer, etc., any proactive step taken to ensure the cleanliness of your swim spa will help its filter. To find all of the necessary products you might need to keep your water clean, you can visit a spa retailer near you

With all this said, it doesn’t mean you should constantly be worried about the state of your spa instead of enjoying all of its benefits. We simply recommend looking at the filter from time to time, replacing it when it’s needed, and doing what you can to eliminate the amount of dirt and debris entering your swim spa. Because when it comes down to it, we’re sure that both you and your family using the water and the swim spa itself would choose clean, sparkling water over anything else, any day. Download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about caring for and owning a swim spa.


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