The Best Way to Efficiently Fill Your Hot Tub

Having a hot tub in your backyard provides a luxurious and relaxing experience, and the faster you can get it filled with water, the sooner you can begin enjoying it! There are a handful of ways to efficiently fill your spa with water and below, we’ll provide the top tips and tricks to consider. Here’s what you should know!

How Much Water Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?

Before we dive into the best ways to fill up your hot tub, it’s important to know how much water you need to add. Most hot tubs require between 300-500 gallons of water to fill them properly. You’ll need less or more depending on the size and shape of the specific model you have. Knowing how much water your hot tub can hold will give you an idea of the time frame you should expect when it comes to filling up your tub. On top of that, you’ll have a better picture of the costs.

In relation to how much water your hot tub needs, it’s also necessary to be aware of how often you need to refill it with fresh water. Hot tubs should be refilled every three to four months, or when the water level drops below a certain point. This helps keep your hot tub clean and free of any bacteria buildup. To learn more about other essential maintenance practices for your hot tub, you can also talk to a hot tub dealer in your area.

Going With a Bulk Water Delivery Service

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to fill up your hot tub is by hiring a water delivery company. They have trucks that will bring large volumes of water to your home and are available in many areas across the country. The cost for this type of service can vary depending on how much water you need, so it’s important to do some research first. Not only does this method save a lot of time, but it’s also the most ideal option if you don’t have access to a hose or any other water source.

Getting Water from a Garden Hose

Perhaps the most popular way to fill up a hot tub is with a garden hose. This method takes longer than a bulk water delivery service, but it’s definitely more straightforward. All you have to do is hook your garden hose up to a faucet and let the water flow into the tub. Using a garden hose is relatively inexpensive and you can monitor the levels as you add more water. Even though there will be a slight increase in your monthly water bill, there would be no need for any upfront payment. However, be aware that this method can take hours, depending on the flow rate of your hose. An average garden hose releases nine gallons of water per minute, so if your hot tub is bigger than most, it could take over half a day to fill it up. Do keep in mind that your hose might not always be clean. Any dirt, dust, or debris that gets into your hot tub can cause issues. To prevent this from happening, make sure the hose is in good condition and flush it thoroughly before connecting it to the faucet. You can also use a pre-filter, which is a small mesh filter attached at the end of the hose that will help you keep any sediment or particles from getting into the hot tub. When it comes to filling up your hot tub with water, there are pros and cons to both methods, and it just depends on which one works best for you and your home.

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