Can an Inground Pool Be Enlarged?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a pool you’ve already installed or are looking to modify a pool that came with a new house you bought, enlarging a pool will take some planning, effort, and money. That’s not to say it’s impossible, because many people choose to do it and do it successfully. However, the specifics of how it’s done will play a role in how much work and cash will be needed. In this article we’ll go over some of the major points that help answer the question, “Can an inground pool be enlarged?”

What Type of Pool Do You Have?

Most in-ground pools are composed of concrete, fibreglass or polymer and steel. Of the three types, enlarging a concrete pool will cost the most money and require the largest energy expenditure. Fibreglass pools can be modified, but most alterations are somewhat limited. Pools with a polymer and steel composition are the easiest and cheapest to convert. Regardless of how the pool is constructed, if you have it in your mind that you want to make some modifications, they can be done as long as you have a big enough budget.

How Do You Change the Shape of Your Pool?

Depending on the shape you’re looking to create, you’ll need to add or remove sections of the pool. Some people want to make their pool a perfect rectangle to accommodate an automatic pool cover. Other people look to add a set of stairs so as to be able to descend into the pool easily without having to jump right in or lower themselves in from a ladder. Still, others are looking to add some contours to the pool to give it a more interesting profile. You should work with a professional builder to make sure changing the shape of your pool wouldn’t cost you more than installing a new pool altogether.

Can You Make A Pool Deeper?

Changing the depth of your pool will require either some heavy equipment or some intensive labour. If you want to implement excavation equipment, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space to get it close to your pool. If you don’t have the space, the digging will need to be done by hand. You can also make a pool more shallow by adding landfill rather than removing it. Once again, polymer pools are the easiest to modify.

What About the Plumbing?

If you plan to make your pool a lot larger, you might have to lay down some new piping to ensure the water still circulates properly. However, since you’d already be digging up new ground to increase the pool size, it’s easy enough to add new plumbing as you go along. You’ll also want to keep in mind any extra drainage that will be required along with the pool modifications themselves.

Now that you know that inground pools can be enlarged under certain circumstances, download a backyard escapes guide to start planning your outdoor oasis.

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