Can Pool Chemicals Be Stored Outside?

Although a swimming pool comes with a lot of carefree fun, there’s also a lot of responsibility involved.  Water safety is paramount.  And a big part of clean, fresh and safe water is the result of accurate testing and application of pool chemicals.  When it comes to safely storing pool chemicals, we get a lot of questions.  Some people wonder can pool chemicals be stored outside, while others ask if there are certain chemicals that must be kept apart.  In this article, we’ll go over some basics when it comes to storing swimming pool chemicals.

Where’s the Best Place to Store Pool Chemicals?

Swimming pool chemicals should be kept in a cool and dry place to ensure their viability and your safety.  The storage area should also be well ventilated to prevent the buildup of any toxic gases.  Storing pool chemicals in a garage or enclosed shed can be dangerous because of the possibility of overpowering fumes.  As long as the climate you live in doesn’t get extremely hot in the summer, storing pool chemicals outdoors is a possibility.  Just make sure they’re protected from the elements including direct sunlight.

Chemical Containers

You should keep pool chemicals in the containers they came in.  Putting them in a different container can cause unwanted chemical reactions.  Putting chemicals in a different container can also lead to mix-ups in identifying and applying the correct chemical.  To be completely safe, simply use the containers the chemicals came in.  Make sure you reseal the containers tightly after use.  It doesn’t take much moisture to start a chemical reaction leaving you with a pile of worthless powder.

Keep Incompatible Chemicals Separate

Make sure to keep your liquid chemicals away from the solids.  Do not store one above the other or you may end up inadvertently mixing them.  If possible, keep all your chemical containers near floor level, but off the floor.  Chlorine will react in the presence of acids creating a deadly chlorine gas, so make sure to keep these types of chemicals apart as well.

Beware of Catalysts

Storing your pool chemicals in an area close to heat, electricity or water sources could be potentially dangerous.  These could be catalysts for chemical reactions that could be hazardous or render your chemical supply useless.  Read up on the chemicals you store to understand what might cause them problems.

Use A Dedicated Measuring Cup and Mixing Bucket

Each chemical you use should have its own measuring cup and mixing bucket.  Using the same receptacles for different types of chemicals could lead to dangerous or neutralizing reactions.  Ensuring that each of your chemical supplies has their own dedicated mixing tools will reduce the chance of unexpected reactions.

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