Can Swim Spas Be Used in the Wintertime?

One of the main advantages of owning a swim spa over a swimming pool is actually the fact that you can use it year-round. But are there certain aspects that makes one swim spa better suited for the winter than another? Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right swim spa for your home and climate.

How to Choose the Right Swim Spa For Your Home: Key Features

The first thing you will need to consider before buying a swim spa is whether you plan to use it throughout the entire year or just in the summertime. Because not every swim spa is built the same, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind when choosing one for colder climates. Did you know that if you buy a swim spa that is not built for the winter but try to use it in the cold, it could possibly cost you upwards of 500 dollars a month to run? Because they need to be properly designed and insulated to withstand cold temperatures and retain heat, you will need to ensure that the swim spa you’re looking at is made for the winter months. 

The first thing to look for is the insulation of the cabinet. For example, Hydropool’s efficient technology takes the heat generated from the heaters and pumps and redistributes it back into heating the water. Rather than allowing this heat to go to waste, Hydropool created a safe and effective way to reuse it so their spas could continue functioning even on the coldest of days. The Hydrowise system actively keeps the swim spa’s shell, cabinet, and floor insulated. This also protects the pumps, plumbing, etc., so every part is protected from the cold or snow.

Where Is the Swim Spa Made? 

When it really comes down to it, the first thing you should look at when deciding on a swim spa is where it’s made. For instance, if you live in Canada and experience snowy or harsh winters, then choosing a Canadian-made swim spa would be ideal. For example, because Hydropool is a Canadian manufacturer, their products are built to withstand harsh winters. Alternatively, a swim spa that is manufactured somewhere like California, for example, might be of exceptional quality too, but not built to withstand the weather we receive here. So it truly all comes down to what type of weather you experience and what winter means to you.

Additional Aspects to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Swim Spa

Once you’re aware of where the swim spa is made, the materials used to make it, and how insulated it is, the next aspect to keep in mind is what you’re looking to receive from a swim spa in the wintertime. Are you hoping to use it as a means of exercising in the winter? Maybe you would prefer to have a home workout instead of needing to travel to a gym this winter? Perhaps you’re a competitive swimmer who would like to train or practice, and you’d like the perfect space to do so year-round? Whether you’d like it to exercise, play, or simply relax and unwind, there are endless reasons why having a winterized swim spa is key. 

In winter, access to fun and enjoyment might be limited, especially if you live in cold climates but aren’t into winter sports like skiing or skating. This is where a swim spa comes in. Rather than braving the cold to stay active or enjoy the winter months, you can soak up the warmth of a swim spa as you play, swim or exercise. It is the perfect environment for the whole family to enjoy, especially when made for every season. Whether you want to use the therapeutic jets to reduce stress, tension or help to improve injury, pain or health concerns, swim spas are excellent resources.

There are so many benefits that come with owning a swim spa, so why settle for only being able to use it half of the year? With swim spas, like ones made by Hydropool, you can feel confident knowing that you have a spa that’s sustainable year-round. 

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