Can You Burn Calories in a Hot Tub?

Can You Burn Calories in a Hot Tub?

Although it’s well understood that most weight loss is dependent on burning more calories than one is taking in, there are many mitigating factors that might be ignored or misinterpreted.  For those who are having a tough time losing weight, help from any source is often welcome.  How welcome would it be to be told that regular use of a hot tub could help with your weight loss goals?  One might ask, “Can you burn calories in a hot tub?” but that might actually be proposing the wrong question.  To understand how a hot tub can play a role in weight loss, we’ve come up with an article to explore this idea.

Can You Burn Calories in A Hot Tub?

The fact is that you will actually burn calories by simply sitting on the couch or even sleeping.  This is known as the basal metabolic rate and it’s due to the body’s underlying processes that still need to take place even if we aren’t doing a whole lot.  Like a mobile phone that loses its battery charge even if it isn’t being used, the body still burns calories, even when at rest.  But the fact is that simply sitting around won’t burn many more than 50 calories an hour.  And although the warm water of a hot tub might make you burn a few more calories than that, unless you absolutely starve yourself, you’re not going to lose significant amounts of weight by soaking in a hot tub a few times a day.

How Can A Hot Tub Help Me Lose Weight?

So, although we’ve already established that unless you stop eating altogether, simply soaking in a hot tub is not enough to shed pounds.  “Well then, how can a hot tub help me lose weight?” you ask.  The fact is that regular use of a hot tub can play a role in creating the conditions to make weight loss easier. 

Stress Reduction

Undue amounts of stress can cause cortisol levels to spike in the blood system.  This so-called stress hormone has been found to have some very significant, albeit indirect, effects on weight gain.  Cortisol has been thought to cause cravings for foods that are high in fat and sodium.  It has also been associated with stimulating the body’s fat storage mechanisms – particularly around the midsection.  Cortisol has also been found to decrease the body’s production of testosterone which is necessary for muscle fibre creation.  Muscles burn more calories than other types of body tissues which mean the fewer muscle fibres that exist, the less the body is able to burn calories.  Spending time in a hot tub is a great way to relax and reduce your stress levels.  An indirect effect of this relaxation is the creation of conditions that are conducive to losing weight.

Sleep Enhancement

Sleep has also been found to be a very important factor when it comes to the ability to burn calories.  Insomnia and other sleep disorders have been found to elevate the body’s cortisol production which, as shown above, can be a factor in creating conditions that increase weight gain.  Another hormone that is affected by lack of sleep is leptin which is partially responsible for the feeling of satiation.  Poor sleeping patterns can lead to lower leptin levels which, in turn, could spark overeating.  Sleep deprivation has also been found to cause problems at the cellular level which results in a slower metabolism and a decrease in the breakdown of sugars.  However, spending some time soaking in a hot tub before bedtime can help induce sleep and promote a longer, more undisturbed sleep throughout the night.  By sleeping better, you can help your body’s metabolism.

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