Can You Use a Hot Tub in the Rain?

Many Canadians buy a hot tub so that they can use it throughout the winter. In fact, most Canadian hot tub owners admit their hot tubs get more use in the cold weather than it does during the warmer summers. But what about rain? Can you use a hot tub in the rain? If there is no chance of lightning, using a hot tub in the rain is rarely a major problem. However, there are some minor consequences to using a hot tub during rainstorms and that is what we will cover in this article.

How Can Rainfall Affect My Hot Tub?

One consequence of using your hot tub while it is raining or forgetting to replace the hot tub cover during a storm, is that the rainwater can affect the water chemistry. This can happen through two different processes.

Rainfall in North America is generally slightly acidic. And because the ideal pH level in a hot tub is slightly basic (the recommended level is between 7.4 and 7.6 on the pH scale) rainwater will eventually cause the hot tub water pH level to drop towards acidity.

If too much rainwater gets into the hot tub, the chemicals dissolved in the hot tub water will also begin to be diluted. This can affect your not only the pH and total alkalinity levels, but the effectiveness of sanitizers and other chemicals.

Using Your Hot Tub in The Rain

While you should always cover your hot tub when it is not being used, this becomes even more important if you’re experiencing heavy rainfall. If a significant amount of rainwater gets into your hot tub, as mentioned, it could change the balance of your water chemistry. To see if this has occurred, simply do a water test and adjust the water chemistry levels as necessary.

Hot Tub Shelter

If you are using your hot tub during a heavy rainstorm, you can minimize its effects on the water chemistry balance by setting up a large umbrella. This could also be used on sunny days to prevent you from overheating.

Walking to And From

While soaking in a hot tub during a rainstorm can be quite a pleasant sensation, getting to and from the hot tub might be a little more uncomfortable. Reduce the discomfort by having a dedicated bathrobe and flip flops or outdoor slippers on hand. The bathrobe can protect your exposed body parts from the elements while the footwear will reduce the chances of slipping and falling. When cold weather is combined with a rainstorm, a hot drink can provide some extra comfort for the trip to and from the hot tub.

Head Protection

If you do not have an umbrella or other overhead protection to cover your hot tub, there are other ways to make soaking in the rain more comfortable. While some people enjoy the sensation of raindrops falling on their head while using the hot tub, others prefer to wear a hat to give them some extra protection.

Post Rainstorm Hot Tub Maintenance

Depending how long you spent in the hot tub and how much rainwater got in, you might want to do a quick water test before replacing the cover. This will let you know if the rain noticeably affected the water chemistry and can give you a chance to get it back in balance before the next time you want to use the hot tub. If this is not something you want to do at that point in time, just remind yourself to do another test sometime soon.

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