BonaVista’s LeisureScapes store at 812 Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto recently received delivery of a 12-foot AquaSport swim spa with cabinet. No big deal, right? It only took 16 people to get it into the showroom! Here’s how Bona Vista takes delivery of large swim spa on the showroom floor! First, the large pane glass window at the front of the

The Crosstown LRT (light rail transit) was begun in 2008 by Metrolinx. It will run across Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis and Kennedy Station. Construction was recently completed on the section of Eglinton Avenue that is outside of the retail location of BonaVista LeisureScapes, which has been located at 812 Eglinton Avenue East for the past eight years.  “The BonaVista

Considering a pool for your home and are confused over what kind of pool to get installed? Here is a primer on five pool types you could consider

Custom swimming pools have a number of benefits, including providing you with a healthy home environment. To make the pool area more inviting, it is good to incorporate proper aesthetics and unique designs. There are a number of additions you could make to drastically change the pool surroundings and deck area and make them more exciting. Here are some innovative plans that you could incorporate in your own custom pool design.

A custom pool at home gives you a great place to sit back and relax whenever you like. It is not only a source of entertainment, swimming is an exercise that is very beneficial because it strengthens a majority of the muscles in the body. It is one of the few forms of aerobic workouts that boast holistic body training.

Black Friday is a great day to announce our Hydropool Hot Tub Floor Model Clearance Sale!
Winter is well on the way and I don’t know about you but I find that nothing beats the cold outside weather than a nice soak in a hot tub.

Consider that you have invested in a hot tub and you are eagerly waiting for the company you bought it from to deliver it to your home. The hot tub has finally arrived, but you discover that it is not fitting through your gate. What will you do?