Energy efficiency is among hot tub buyers’ top priorities when they’re choosing a hot tub.  With so many advancements in energy efficient technology, it can be hard to choose the most budget-friendly hot tub.  The good news is that once you do, your hot tub cost per month will dramatically decrease. Below you’ll learn how to find an energy efficient

Wooden Hot Tub

If you’re deciding between different brands of hot tubs, knowing who has the best warranty is key.  You always want to choose a manufacturer that guarantees that your purchase will be covered in case of an issue.  Below, you’ll find out about the best warranties available so you’ll know what to look for. Make Sure It’s Visible One of the

One of the top worries hot tub investors have is that running their new hot tub will cost a small fortune.  While some lower-end hot tubs can be expensive to run, this is typically untrue of higher quality models.  In addition, there are many things you can do to cut costs. Below you’ll learn about how to run a hot

If you’re in the market for a four-person hot tub, you probably have questions about standard hot tub size, weight, dimensions, and water volume.  These are all important areas to consider as they will ensure that your hot tub is a good fit for your space. Below you’ll learn more about 4-person hot tubs and why sizing them can be

The advice “try before you buy” is especially useful when it comes to hot tubs.  Too many consumers purchase a hot tub without having tried it out, ending up dissatisfied. Many times this is because they don’t know about wet testing a hot tub, or trying it out in the store. Below you’ll find out about the importance of doing

Environmentally friendly hot tubs are becoming more and more popular as we become more eco-conscious.  Not only can an eco hot tub help you support the planet’s wellbeing, but it can save you money on energy bills as well. Below you’ll learn what to look for in an energy efficient hot tub so you make the best choice for yourself

Before you buy a hot tub or spa, there are many crucial questions you should ask to make sure you’re making the best decision for your budget and lifestyle.  Below, you’ll learn about several of the most important questions you need to consider before making an investment. Question #1: Why Do I Want It? Before you ask yourself: Which hot

Whether you’re preparing to buy a new outdoor hot tub or thinking about whether to upgrade to a newer model, knowing the average life of a hot tub is key. Below you’ll find out how long hot tubs typically last and how to know when it’s time to replace yours. Differing Life Spans There are many factors that can impact

If you’re thinking about buying a hot tub, tips from the experts are essential, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.  Below you’ll learn about the most crucial things to look for in a hot tub, what to ask the salesman, and more. Test the Seating for Comfort When you visit the dealer, you’ll want to “wet test” the hot tub,

Most of us, when we think of hot tubs, think of their relaxing qualities, but there are other ways to make the most out of your hot tub, including staying in shape.  Below you’ll learn how exercising in your hot tub can improve your range of motion, help you recover from injuries, and treat arthritis or chronic pain. Stretching If