You will be surprised at how much time you can spend outdoors. Sometimes, it is fun to take things outside, where you have a little extra space to breathe, and you are not confined by the walls in your house. Getting out every once in a while is healthy. Also, it is a lot of fun. When you engage in activities outside with friends and family, you find that the time you spend is somehow more meaningful.

Whether it is al fresco dining, having cocktails by an outdoor fire, or spending a Saturday splashing in the pool, people are trying to make the most of their outdoor spaces. A recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects threw up some surprising statistics. 94% of the people who were questioned said that outdoor spaces – entertainment and kitchen areas were high on their list if ever they decided to go for a new house or planned to remodel their current houses in 2013.

The heart of a home lies in the kitchen and during a party, people gather, mingle and linger in the kitchen. A stylish outdoor kitchen is the latest in outdoor entertainment. When you install an outdoor kitchen, you expand your living space. Whether you want to entertain your family and friends or cook a quiet steak for personal enjoyment, an

Have you considered a bright apple green color dominating your kitchen? If not, this should get you thinking. With the heat ushering in bright sunshine and hope, why not add an uplifting twist to your kitchen? Commonly, many do not think of turning the kitchen into an example of contemporary décor, especially with colours like bright apple green. But this

With few experiences matching the rare pleasure of outdoor summer barbeques in Canada, you have all the more reason to spruce up your backyard into a veritable gourmet restaurant! Just imagine firing up the grill and serving cold cocktails with your favourite folks on a lazy Sunday morning. You can make it all happen with a few adjustments to your

If you are considering giving your backyard a new glow, look no further. BonaVista is offering the best and the latest in outdoor living options with a variety of patio products. Liven up your patio with the new Napoleon Linear Patio Flame, an outdoor fire pit with a unique and contemporary design. Solidly constructed out of stainless steel, the cover