Clear Water Clear Instructions

Clear Water Clear Instructions

Although a backyard swimming pool is a place for recreation, relaxation, and socializing, there is an underlying responsibility to keep the water fresh, clean, and healthy. And although this may sound like it could be a big headache, the fact is that it’s very easy to learn how to take care of your pool and it’s water quality. For clear water, clear instructions are necessary. And your local pool dealership can be a great resource for any pool owner. For some tips on how to maintain a fresh and clean environment for swimming, take some time to go through this article.

Consistency Is Key

To keep your water safe, you need to choose a water care system and consistently follow its guidance. You should be testing your pH and sanitizer levels on a weekly basis. These are simple tests that can be done in just a few minutes. A water sample from your pool is analyzed with test strips or treated with a few drops of reagent. The test results will tell you the type and quantity of chemicals that need to be added to the water to keep it clean and safe. 

Advanced Chemistry

Beyond pH and sanitizer levels, there are other levels that need to be tested for on a monthly basis. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a degree in chemistry to be able to handle these tests yourself. Again, the tests are quite simple and require steps that are very similar to the pH and sanitizer tests. However, for those who want the help, most pool dealerships gladly accept water samples for testing and will give you the advice needed to keep your water chemistry balanced. 

Skin Friendly Sanitizers

Having fewer chemicals in their lives seems to be on many people’s minds these days. And while chlorine and bromine based sanitizers are a necessity when it comes to keeping swimming pool water clean, there are many systems available to augment and reduce the use of these sanitizers. Ozone generators and UV light systems are a couple of the more popular ways to reduce the reliance on chlorine and bromine. 

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators convert oxygen into ozone through the use of electricity. In conjunction with chlorine or bromine, ozone helps clear the water of contaminants. The use of an ozone generator can decrease the amount of chlorine or bromine needed while making the water more comfortable for those with sensitive skin. 

UV Light Systems

Ultraviolet radiation can also be used in conjunction with chlorine or bromine based sanitizers to reduce the reliance on these harsh chemicals. UV light can also target some microorganisms that are unaffected by chlorine. A UV light system reduces the amount of skin irritating chloramines which are produced by the breakdown of chlorine without the need for any additional chemicals. Because UV light systems are typically connected to the pool’s water pump, contaminants aren’t neutralized until the water passes through the pump. For this reason, it’s important to maintain a level of chemical sanitizer in the water to keep it clean before it passes through the pump.

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