Cool New Hot Tub Wireless Control from Hydropool

Hot Tub Wireless Control from Hydropool - iCommand

Now you can create an ideal swim spa or hot tub experience with a few quick settings on your iPhone or iPad. The new icommand system app for Hydropool products makes the job of setting your hot tub’s controls super easy!

Hydropool is a respected manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas. Canadians looking for first-rate quality and needs-based solutions turn to Hydropool’s excellent range of handcrafted hot tubs and swim spas. From self-cleaning hot tubs and Serenity hot tubs with massage jets facilitating hydrotherapy, to swim spas for active aquatic activities, Hydropool’s catalogue comprises stellar products. With the icommand system app, the brand cranks up hot tub/swim spa experiences a few notches higher.

Why should you consider this new technology feature for your Hydropool swim spa or hot tub? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • The icommand app offers wireless hot tub control; this means you can choose the water care settings that best fit your schedule, tweak temperature settings, adjust filtration and create the swim spa/hot tub experience you desire painlessly!
  • The icommand system app syncs seamlessly with your iPhone or iPad
  • You can use the icommand system app within 50 feet from your swim spa/hot tub
  • Using the icommand app is quick and easy

Setting the Connection

In your iDevice, go to “Settings” and then select the “WiFi tab”. The network named “in.touch™” should appear first on the list. Press on it to select the in.touch™ network. Once you’ve selected it, wait until the Wi-Fi icon appears on the left corner of the screen. This icon shows that your iDevice is now connected to the network. Please note that some iDevices and different versions of the iOS, the icon the icon may not appear, make sure that the in.touch™ network is checked and proceed to the next step.

Start i command Application

Find the newly downloaded in.touch™ application, then press on it to open it. The page”Configuring a Spa” will then appear, if you’ve already performed the connection with the in.touch™ via the settings menu (previous step), press on the “Done” key to enter in the application.

You are now ready to Control Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa!

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  1. One of our hot tub sales specialists will get back to you via email shortly. Thank you for your interest in the Hydropool iCommand hot tub system. – BonaVista.

  2. I am interested in what we need to budget for a 3-4 person hot tub installed. Let me know.

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