Creating a Backyard Oasis of Any Size

Creating a Backyard Oasis of Any Size

Some people might think they don’t have enough space in their backyard for a swimming pool. But the fact is that pools these days come in all shapes and sizes. And whether you have a sprawling country estate, or you live in a tightly packed urban area, there’s a swimming pool that’s just right for you. When it comes to creating a backyard oasis of any size, a bit of forethought and preparation can set you up for success.

Planning and Design

To make the most of the space you have available, a good plan and some design know-how will go a long way. Unless you’re already experienced in these disciplines, you might consider hiring a professional. Not only can they help you negotiate legal details such as permitting and easements, their practical experience and training will prove indispensable when it comes to creating a long term vision and making the best use of the available space. Quite often inground pool landscaping projects can take several years to properly complete and the experience provided by a knowledgeable professional could prove indispensable.

Working in Stages

It can be a mistake to try and take on too much landscaping work during a single season. Obviously, you want to get your pool up and running as soon as possible, but many of the other details can be spread out over multiple years. This allows you to actually enjoy your pool without breaking the bank or working yourself to the bone. For this reason, a long term outlook is essential for proper scheduling of future work that will need to be done. For instance, electrical lines should be laid down when the pool is installed even if they won’t be put into actual use for another year or two. 

Landscaping Challenges

Another area where expert advice becomes indispensable is when you run into landscaping challenges. Maybe you live in a rocky area that’s known for excavation difficulties. Sloped or hilly yards can also present challenges that aren’t easily overcome by a DIYer. Drainage issues that aren’t properly assessed from the outset can leave you with major problems farther down the road. But those experienced in swimming pool installation have likely dealt with all these issues and more. A little expertise can save you a lot of time, money, and grief.

Sizing the Pool

Not every backyard can fit an Olympic sized inground pool. However, no matter the size of your yard, there is a pool that will work for your situation. If space is truly at a premium, a swim spa might be the perfect solution. These compact tanks have powerful jet systems that create a current that allows a swimmer to swim in place – similar to a treadmill. With the smaller models measuring 10 feet or less in length, they’re perfect for tiny backyards.

The Swim Spa Alternative

Even for those who have plenty of space, a swim spa can be a much appreciated alternative. Not only do they require less cleaning and maintenance, but they can also double as a hot tub. The smaller footprint can allow for better utilization of the rest of the yard while still providing the enjoyment and exercise of a full sized pool. 

To get more ideas for your outdoor living space, download a Backyard Escapes Guide.

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