Designers Who Stood Out at This Year’s ICFF

Every year ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) brings together a large number of talented and innovative designers. This year’s event was no different. While many designers displayed stunning pieces, there were a few who stood out.


Primarily known for contemporary office furniture, Humanscale presented its playful side this year. Innovative wireless lighting system highlighted the technological sophistication of its products. The stylish rings lit up when hung from wall hooks made of brass and turned off when removed.

Eastvold furniture

This year’s ICFF offered abundant options for those interested in homemade custom pieces. The Minnesota based company allowed customers to choose the leg color and interior of their new credenza from several options. The Elko Credenza was available in white oak, bamboo and walnut with 6 base color choices.


While the piece featured at the Walltech booth was catchy and attractive, it was not so easy to guess what exactly it was at a single glance. The colorful piece was the Korean company’s depiction of a contemporary bookshelf. Basic wire grids with steel frame support formed the bookshelves. Each square features a brightly colored wooden peg, which could be adjusted or removed based on the storage needs.


Weplight, an Argentina based company, displayed a stunning new collection of wooden lights. The company makes use of proprietary veneer to create fixtures with elegant, delicate curves.

If you are in search of products like pillows and other accessories to go with innovative furniture and fixtures, Bonavista is a great option. The wide variety of functional, stylish and affordable products offered by the company ensures that you get exactly what you want.

Designers Who Stood Out at 2012 ICFF

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