Dining outside tonight?

It is Wednesday and I am already thinking about the weekend. One of the things I love most about the weekend is all the time we spend outside. Playing, swimming, gardening, and eating. There is something to be said for outdoor dining. And so tonight, mid-week, I think we will eat outside. It may only be Wednesday, but with so few weeks left of summer we need to savour every one of the nice days we have.

The one thing about eating outside is deciding what dishes to use… do you let your good plates get broken or chipped? Do you risk a glass falling and being shattered? I believe in having a great set of outdoor dishes that are fun, festive and can’t be broken. We sell an excellent line of outdoor dining ware including plates, bowls, glasses, wine glasses, pitchers and serving dishes. Add color, charm and style to your backyard space with these brightly colored dishes by Koziol.

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