What Elements Are Included in an Outdoor Kitchen?

What Elements Are Included in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Do you have extra outdoor space that you are looking to utilize? Or maybe you love entertaining and want a functional outdoor space to host parties. Having an outdoor kitchen is an amazing way to spend more time outside, change venues for your parties, and try a new style of cooking.

No matter you need for an outdoor kitchen, there are several elements you need to have in an outdoor kitchen.

The Grill

The foundation of your outdoor kitchen will be, of course, the apparatus you use to do your cooking. You should choose this main element wisely so you don’t end up needing to run inside throughout the cooking process to use an indoor appliance.

Many homeowners opt for a grill – gas or charcoal – but you should also consider the size and grill accessories. For example, you might need a couple of burners to boil water or cook baked beans. If a grill is not enough, you might also consider installing a wood oven fire (great for pizzas), a rotisserie, or a small smoker.

Your choice in cooker should ultimately come down to how much cooking you plan on doing and what type of cuisine you like best. If you love barbeque, a smoker will be essential. If you are a pizza addict, you might prefer a wood burning oven.

Keep It Cool

When entertaining outside, the last thing you want to have to do is run back and forth between your outdoor kitchen and the fridge inside. Installing a small fridge in your outdoor kitchen is convenient and can save on prep time. It also makes it easier to keep beverages cool rather than filling a cooler up with ice. You will need proper wiring to install a fridge, so keep that in mind as you build your outdoor kitchen.

Running Water

Not many people consider adding running water to their outdoor kitchen. They think they will be perfectly happy ferrying dirty dishes into the kitchen over multiple trips. The truth is it is much easier to do your cleanup outside and move clean dishes inside. Having a sink with running water will make cleanup and entertaining much easier.

Prep Area

Few homeowners consider countertop space when they build their outdoor kitchen. They assume doing all the prep work inside will be easy. However, after a few barbeques, you will realize it is much easier and friendlier to prep your ingredients outside. This way, you won’t have to be separated from your guests or make them feel as if they need to be inside with you while you prepare your food.

Dining Area

Of course, you would not build a lovely outdoor kitchen only to go back inside to eat your meal. That’s why you need a dining area attached to your outdoor kitchen. Some homeowners like to have their dining areas under a veranda in case the weather gets bad. Others like the flexibility of partial covering. You will want to be sure that the dining area is not too close to the cooking appliances as that can get very hot in the summer.


What better way to cap off an afternoon or evening of outdoor dining than with entertainment? Each person has his or her preferred method of entertainment. Some like backyard games, others prefer board games or charades. An often-overlooked form of entertainment is to have a hot tub. A hot tub is the perfect place for you and your guests to socialize, enjoy a drink, and relax.

While these are all the elements we feel you should have in your outdoor kitchen, the important thing to keep in mind is to create a kitchen that will best suit your needs. Whatever you decide to do, choose resilient materials for your outdoor kitchen as they will be exposed to the elements. To find out more about the outdoor hot tubs we carry and how they will be a perfect accessory to your outdoor kitchen, download a hot tub buyer’s guide.

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