Fixing the Problem of Cloudy Water in your Pool

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.44.33 AMNot having any debris doesn’t mean that your swimming pool is clean. If the water in your pool is cloudy, it not only makes your pool look uninviting, but it also means that your pool water is very dirty. There are many reasons for your pool water getting cloudy. The process of cleaning cloudy water is not only difficult, but it is very time consuming as well. Some of the reasons include filtration problems, increased swimmer usage and lack of chlorine.

The main causes of your pool water getting cloudy:

  • The environment around your pool

Whatever surrounds your pool has the potential to make your pool water turn cloudy. It can be anything from trees, dust from a construction site, bird droppings, a lot of swimming as well as the growth of pool algae.

  • Excessive use of pool chemicals

Certain chemicals if used in excess can turn the water cloudy. Some of these chemicals include high amount of sanitizers or chlorine, high alkalinity and calcium hardness.

  • Problem with the pool filter

Another common reason why your custom concrete pool water turns cloudy is a faulty pool filter. If your filter system is not working the right way, or if you are not running your filter for at least 8 to 10 hours daily, then there is a huge risk of your pool water turning cloudy.

Ways to clear a cloudy pool

Once you fix the problems that are causing your pools to turn cloudy, you need to start working on fixing the cloudy pool. Here are some ways of doing that:

Pool flocculant

If you are in a hurry, then using a flocculant is a great idea. However, it is only a temporary solution as using this method, the particles only settle down at the bottom and the chemical doesn’t really get rid of the particles.

Pool clarifier

A pool clarifier is the best way of getting rid of the tiny particles that is making your pool cloudy as the chemical brings the tiny particles together and helps the filter to pick it up. Just make sure that the clarifier is a coagulant before putting it into use.

Use your bottom drain and filter system together

Use your bottom drain and pool filter in such a way that the clear water is circulated back to the top.


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