Four Do’s and Don’ts to Consider Before the Pool Guy Arrives

Pool owners often say and do things they shouldn’t to the person who comes to clean or repair their pool. Here are four do’s and don’ts to consider before the pool guy arrives.

Don’t Tell Him about Your Pool Party

Backyard Pool

Every pool pro has heard this 1000s of times before. Many homeowners use this as an excuse to be unreasonable and demanding, despite the fact that they’ve left the pool service to the last minute. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to get the results you’re looking for in the time allotted.

When you have an important event coming up, please have the pool tested and prepared weeks in advance. It’s possible that the pool water could take a turn for the worse 24 hours before the party, but it’s more common that the pool is simply not balanced in the first place or it needs extensive repairs. If the pool needs repairs, don’t book your party until after it’s repaired.

Don’t Ask Him to “Just Patch It”

When you see that something is wrong with your swimming pool have it fixed right away. If you ignore the small things when they break, you will eventually end up needing to replace something that’s much more expensive later on. Very few pool problems can be fixed with duct tape, silicone and epoxy. If the liner has holes everywhere and hasn’t been in the coping track for a long time, you’re overdue for service.

Sure, concrete pool tiles can be put back on, but there’s a reason why they fell off in the first place. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars to fix something but owing a pool is a responsibility that requires that you have periodical work done to keep it in good condition.

Don’t Drain the Pool Ahead of Time

You’re getting a new pool liner, so what does it matter if you drain the pool before the pool guy gets there? Well, a vinyl pool requires water to keep the liner in place. The water helps to protect the slopes and floors quite a bit and you could very likely find  yourself with some additional floor repairs from draining early.

Also, draining the pool can permanently break it. It actually works against the pool guy when owners “help out” in this way. As you drain a vinyl pool liner, you need to rinse it, cut it into strips as you go and roll it up. If you don’t, the vinyl will be covered in disgusting slime, algae, bugs, etc. If left out to dry for a few days, the vinyl will become as brittle as glass and you could end up with hundreds of razor-sharp vinyl shards on the bottom of the pool. These shards are a pain to clean up, especially in sand bottom pools.

Concrete pools shouldn’t be drained unless the ground water around the pool is controlled. Fiberglass pools should never be drained by the pool owner as it can cause permanent damage.

Do Clean Up After Your Dog and Keep It Indoors

The pool guy needs to make a lot of trips back and forth to his truck. Walking in fresh dog poop in boots he has to wear all day isn’t pleasant. He also has to roll his hoses through the entire yard and that makes his truck stink and become unsanitary.

Take a few minutes to pick up after your pet and keep your dog out of the backyard when the pool guy’s working. You may think your dog is really friendly, but what if he happens to take a dislike to the pool guy when you’re not there?

Do Keep Your Kids Out of the Backyard

The pool guy is not a babysitter. Besides, when the deck is broken, there are trenches dug into the ground, heavy tools and electrical cords stretching everywhere, the backyard is not a safe place for your kids. Children are a huge liability on a construction site and the pool guy wants to complete your repairs in a timely manner. What he doesn’t want is to assume liability for a child getting hurt.

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