Top Things to Consider When Getting Your Space Ready For a Swim Spa

How do you start getting things ready for the addition of a swim spa? From what may be included in getting the space ready to different things required to maintain your swim spa long-term, you might be asking yourself questions about what’s involved. For example, what should your space look like before your swim spa arrives? How do you prepare? What type of cover will you need for your swim spa? These are some of the questions we will answer now. 

What Should Your Space Look Like Before Your Swim Spa Arrives? 

Before you can bring your swim spa home, it’s important to ensure that the space you have to house your swim spa is large enough for the model you’re choosing. Ensuring the measurements of your yard and the swim spa have been checked and double-checked will allow you the peace of mind you need to know that there won’t be any surprises come delivery. If you’re planning on having your swim spa installed in-ground, you will need to hire an excavation crew to dig out a hole. Alternatively, if you’re planning on having an above-ground installation done, then you will need to establish even, levelled ground. You can do this by using levelling tools and digging out the part of the earth that is higher. One key thing to remember is that you should never add to the earth to make it even, but rather take away from the higher points. From here, you should establish a sound structure underneath to support the weight of your spa. Whether you choose a concrete pad, crushed gravel, pavers stone, a deck, etc., is entirely up to you! There are many options to choose from, and if you need more information, you can always reach out to a swim spa dealer near you to learn more.

Additionally, once you have ensured that the ground is even and solid, you should also make sure there are no trees, shrubs, etc., within the vicinity. Whether you are having your spa delivered via truck or crane, it’s important to ensure that the space where your spa is going is easy enough for the workers to access.

How Do You Prepare For a Swim Spa? 

This is definitely one question that can, in turn, have many other questions within it. Do you need to check your city’s bylaws and regulations? Do you need to hire an electrician? Does your swim spa need it’s own Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)? The answer to all those questions is yes. 

But you might also be asking yourself questions like, “do I need to install a fence around my swim spa?” or “how far should it be from my house?” These questions will, of course, require more detailed answers! For starters, whether or not you need a fence around your swim spa depends on where you live. Therefore, when checking your city’s bylaws, as previously mentioned, it’s best to check this specific detail, too. If you do require a fence, then it’s best to keep in mind specifics like the height, locks, materials and more that may be required. This will ensure that you’re able to do it right the first time and will also give you peace of mind knowing that children and animals are kept safe. 

When it comes to how far your swim spa will need to be from your home, this information will once again be specific to your district. However, generally speaking, your swim spa will need to be at least 10 feet from your home. This rule is put into place to ensure that electrical wiring is protected from the water within your swim spa. 

What Type of Cover Does My Swim Spa Require? 

If there are local requirements for your swim spa cover, then ensure you’re following them. However, a basic rule of thumb is to buy a cover that can keep your spa and it’s users safe. For instance, a hard-shell cover will keep rainwater, dirt, debris, leaves, etc., from entering the swim spa and interfering with the pH balance of its water and protect children or animals. Even if it isn’t a regulation in your district, it is still the safest route to go when it comes to choosing a cover for your spa. Also, ensuring that it is lockable and can withstand the weight of children or pets is key. That way, you are proactively taking the steps you need to ensure that everyone is kept safe. 

Although there might be many questions that come to mind before the arrival of your new swim spa, these are some of the top ones to keep in mind. To learn more about choosing the perfect swim spa for your home this season, download our free buyer’s guide.


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