Having a COVID Staycation

Having a COVID Staycation

Spring is in full effect and summer is just around the corner, but with a global pandemic keeping us all at home, it doesn’t look like any of us will be doing any globe-trotting for our seasonal vacations. But no matter how depressing this is, we just have to get on with it and make the best of a bad situation. So, if you’re unable to vacation abroad this summer, what are you supposed to do? It appears our best option is the COVID staycation. With a little planning and preparation, a holiday spent at home can be just the answer for getting us back to work refreshed and recharged. Check out these tips to make it a staycation you’ll never forget.

Staycation Preparations

Just like you need to choose your clothes, pack your suitcase and find your passport in preparation for a vacation abroad, you should also spend some time preparing for a COVID staycation in your own home. You don’t want to be wasting your off time on errands and preparations, so get these things out of the way before your staycation even begins. It’ll mean that when you’re off, you’re actually off.

Clean House

One of the beautiful things about staying in resorts or hotels is that all the cleaning is taken care of for you. Ideally, you can recreate this experience at home, but it will take some advance preparations. The weekend before your staycation, put aside a few hours to give your house a thorough cleaning. If it’s done before your staycation begins you won’t feel the need to do it when you should actually be relaxing. 

Gourmet Dining

Another thing that most of us look forward to when on vacation is indulging ourselves in fine food and drink. But if you don’t stock yourself up on a decent selection of treats, your staycation meals will feel like just any other day at home. Hit the grocery and liquor stores and splurge on fancy foods and beverages that you’d normally only have while on vacation. You may have to prepare them yourself, but there’s still a feeling of luxury that comes with warm chocolate croissants at breakfast, artisan cheese, and bread at lunch and a glass of fine wine with dinner. Also, find out which of your local restaurants are delivering to give yourself a break from cooking. If you love to cook, now is the perfect time to invest in the outdoor kitchen you have always dreamed of.

A Comfy Nest

Maybe now is the time to upgrade your bedding. It’s got to be done at some point! Most of the top tier hotels sell their luxurious duvets, pillows, bathrobes, and even mattresses directly to consumers. These definitely aren’t the bedsheets that you’d find at your local Walmart. But you might find that spending the extra money on quality bedding is an investment that pays dividends in gratifying sleep. And this can carry on long after your staycation is over.

Online Entertainment

If you haven’t already, now might be the time to sign up for some online entertainment providers. If you’ve never signed up before, services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will give you a free month just for trying it out. You can always cancel after your staycation is over. If sports are your thing, many of the professional leagues such as the NHL, NFL, and NBA are offering their streaming services for free until league play resumes. Dial-up the 2015 Superbowl and have an offseason Superbowl party.

Backyard Activities

Even the laziest vacationer usually gets around to doing something physical or adventurous on their holidays. You probably won’t be parasailing or deep-sea fishing, but some gardening or backyard golf can pull your mind away from anxiety causing news and current events. Any type of activity that can become your primary focus for an hour or two will refresh and recharge your brain. And isn’t that what a vacation is about?

To learn more about making your backyard staycation worthy, download our Backyard Escapes Guide.

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