HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats – Deal with Heavy Snow the Easy Way

HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats Make Snow Disappear

Dread the heavy accumulation of snow on your porch, stairs and walkways in the cold months? HeatTrak has a great solution for you – snow-melting mats! And just how do they make the snow disappear? By using the simple concept of heat generation by plugging into a standard power outlet.

Watch the snow melt away, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that slips, falls, injuries are being kept at bay. Annoying problems like door jams because of heavy snow accumulation outside your door, and of course, frequent shoveling, will be history when you use one of these mats.

HeatTrak offers snow melting solutions for homes and commercial establishments, including, restaurants, offices, hospitals and universities. The company’s residential snow-melting mats thaw out 2″ of snow each hour, which means your home’s outdoor pathways will remain clean and clear throughout the day even when there’s a blizzard outside. What’s more, you can connect HeatTrak walkway mats and stair mats for an unbroken system that keeps snow out of the way.

HeatTrak’s industrial snow-melting mats comprise a heating element slotted between two reinforced SBR rubber surfaces. Electrically operated, the mats can be easily secured to the ground, courtesy of their built-in grommet holes. HeatTrak also offers stand-alone accessories that help you connect the snow-melting mats or offer automatic switch on/switch off.

All HeatTrak snow-melting mats are durable, resistant to wear, and have a simple yet aesthetic look.

Buy one of these revolutionary mats at Bonavista today and say goodbye to your snow problems!

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