Hot Tub Accessories for the Winter

Many hot tub enthusiasts insist that the best time to use a hot tub is in the winter. Outdoor hot tubs and snow can be the perfect combination…. especially if you have the right accessories to compliment your spa.

6 things we recommend you have this winter for your hot tub.

1. Hot Tub Cover: You don’t want heat to escape or cold winter air to be let in. Make sure you own a durable and sturdy hot tub cover that insulates your hot tub properly.

2. Cover Lifter: Allows the spa cover to be easily removed and stored in the open position. Removing the spa cover from the inside or outside of the spa requires very little strength or effort.

3. OhSoSoft Bamboo Bath Robe: Keep yourself warm in a plush bath robe for before and after your soak.

4. Spa Caddy: this convenient tray bolts right to the side of a spa and keeps things like cell phones, reading materials, food and drinks dry and within arm’s reach.

5. Spa Booster Seat: Use as a booster for more height in your spa, as a back support, or to make your spa seat more comfortable.

6. Aromatherpay Bath Salts: Activated by hot water, bath salts help build resistance to daily aggressions, exfoliate, tone and increase elasticity of the skin. Using Kneipp salts help relieve the discomfort of minor aches and pains, relaxes tired muscles, refreshes the body and can promote a restful, sound sleep.

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