Hot Tub Accessories to Take Your Experience to the Next Level

Soaking in a hot tub is one of the best ways to relax from the comfort of your own home while enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy. But did you know you can take your spa experience to the next level with the right accessories? From safety enhancements to relaxation aids, manufacturers like Hydropool offer various add-ons that you can choose from to turn your hot tub into the perfect oasis. Below, we’ll provide you with what you need to know to elevate your hot tub experience and make it even more enjoyable.

How Accessories Enhance the Hot Tub Experience

A standard hot tub sets the scene for relaxation and pain relief. The soothing warmth of the water, the targeted relief from the massage jets, and the gentle sensation of bubbles all work together to create an incredibly special atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding. But with the right accessories, you can elevate your experience significantly.

For example, one benefit of adding accessories to your hot tub is that it can liven up your space and make it more inviting. A well-decorated hot tub area can be the perfect spot to gather during special occasions or just hang out with friends and family. Accessories can also help you get more out of your hot tub experience. You can pick which specific add-ons to get so that the whole experience can be tailored to the type of relief you need or the relaxation mood you’re going for. Of course, some enhancements are also designed to boost safety and accessibility, so you can have peace of mind while you’re enjoying your soak.

Popular Add-Ons to Consider for Your Hydropool Hot Tub

If you’re looking to upgrade your hot tub, there are plenty of accessories and add-ons that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular options:

Safety Steps

Steps make it easier for people to get in and out of the hot tub, especially if it’s a bit high off the ground. Sturdy non-slip stairs help minimize the risk of slipping and falling while getting in and out of your hot tub.


Hydropool’s Dream Scents collection features natural essential oils that you can add to the hot tub water. These fragrances help create an atmosphere of relaxation and can even provide some therapeutic benefits. You can choose from ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, chamomile, and more.

Cover Lifts

It can be tedious to move the hot tub cover every time you need to get in or out. A cover lift makes it much easier to access your hot tub, while also adding some decorative flair. For more information on which cover lifts are compatible with the specific hot tub model you have, it’s best to ask a hot tub dealer near you.

Pillows and Headrests

Properly placed headrests and pillows can help you find a comfortable position while in the hot tub. They also look great and add some softness to your spa area. Waterfall pillows, tubular pillows, and large wrap pillows are just some of the headrests you can choose from to make your Hydropool hot tub more comfortable.

Spa Tray

Eating or drinking in a hot tub can add a touch of luxury to the whole experience. The Spa Tray is perfect for holding snacks, drinks, and other items. You can even opt for a floating inflatable spa bar that has multiple compartments.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hot Tub Accessories

When it comes to hot tub accessories, the possibilities are endless. To figure out which ones are best for you, ask yourself how you plan to use your hot tub and what type of atmosphere you want it to have. It’s also worth mentioning that the ones you choose should be compatible with your specific hot tub model. Fun shouldn’t be the only factor to keep in mind as well. The add-ons you pick should be water-resistant, safe to use, and can withstand different weather conditions.

Having the right accessories for your hot tub can make all the difference to your overall spa experience. Not only will it give your spa area a stylish look, but it can also help you get more out of every soak.

With the right add-ons, you can enjoy a cozy and luxurious escape in your own backyard. You can also download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about choosing a hot tub that fits your needs and lifestyle.


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