How Are Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Delivered?

Say you’ve finally found your ideal hot tub or swim spa, and now it’s time to bring it home. But what can you expect from a delivery? Will it fit through a standard door? Will you need a crane to deliver your hot tub or spa? You might have many questions about the topic, but not to worry, as we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know about bringing your hot tub or spa home.

Top Factors That Will Determine the Delivery

1. The Size and Weight Of Your Spa 

When it comes to having your hot tub or swim spa delivered, of course, the size will play a significant role. Most times, if the spa isn’t too large or cumbersome, the delivery crew will arrive in a truck and bring it into your backyard on a cart or forklift. It’s important to ensure that you have decided on the right space for your spa prior to the arrival to make sure that the foundation is even ground and can withstand its weight.

A crane delivery will be required with larger or heavier hot tubs and spas. In these cases, it’s best to ensure that there are not low-hanging power lines or trees that might get in the way of the crane. 

2. The Size Of Your Yard and Entrance Way 

Another determining factor of your delivery method will be what your backyard looks like and how large the entrance point is. If you have a rather small opening or access point to your backyard, then wheeling it in on a cart or with a forklift might not be possible, even if it is on the smaller end. This is why the steps taken before choosing your delivery method are so important, and we will speak more to this momentarily.  

3. The Season and Your Location

When buying a hot tub in the winter, especially if you experience lots of snow, you might be worried about how the delivery process will work. Of course, if there is a blizzard or conditions do not allow for it, you will likely need to hold off on the delivery process. However, if it’s just a typical winter day, it can be done without issue. It’s best to speak with your hot tub and spa dealer about the specifics, as each location will likely do things differently. However, one thing you can do regardless is ensure that the space you’re planning on housing your hot tub or spa is clear of any snow or ice. It’s best to ensure that you are consistent with this leading up to the delivery. When turning your hot tub on in the winter, one very important tip is to ensure that you don’t fill it with water before your electrician has come. You need to make sure that there is power to your hot tub, as things can freeze in cold temperatures. Although winter months will look different depending on your location, it’s best to keep all of this in mind if you do live in a much colder, snowier climate. 

Tips For a Smooth Delivery

Before delivery, some of the most important things to do include planning and coordinating. Ensure that you not only measure your space and hot tub once, but double check it to make sure that no issues arise the day of the delivery. This will allow you to feel at ease that there will be enough clearance for the hot tub or spa you chose, both through your entrance and in the space you’re looking to keep it. 

Going hand in hand with the measurements, is being certain about the space you’re going to house your hot tub or spa. There are many things to be mindful of, from checking that the ground is solid and level to ensuring it’s the appropriate distance from your home, structures, electrical components, etc. Before installation another proactive step you can take is coordinating things with your electrician. Once again, it’s important to make sure that your electrician can be present shortly after delivery. 

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to make sure your neighbours are aware that this will happen, especially if your homes are rather close. This just allows them to be prepared for the delivery so it can run as smooth as possible. 

Whether your hot tub or spa is rather large or heavy, or smaller and more compact, there is a perfect delivery approach for everyone. It’s best to consider the space you’re working with, the size of your spa, and collaborate with the distributor, electrician, your neighbours and more. 

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