How Do You Clean Hot Tub Filters?

Soaking in a hot tub can be a very relaxing experience. However, if the water is not clean, this rewarding experience can quickly turn into one that is not satisfying. Keeping your hot tub clean is essential, as, over time, bacteria, mold, and other unwanted elements can make their way into your hot tub. Once they do, the water becomes contaminated and unfit for a clean, hygienic soak.

The primary component responsible for keeping your hot tub clean is the filter. It maintains the cleanliness of the water by keeping debris, bacteria, and particles of dirt from contaminating your hot tub water. It also plays a fundamental role in protecting the pump and pipelines. Keep reading to find out how to care for and clean your hot tub filter.

Major Components of a Hot Tub Filter

The lid of your hot tub filter is comprised of two parts known as the air vent valve and the lock ring. The latter is responsible for securely keeping the filter in its place, and the air vent valve limits air from penetrating the pipelines.

Cartridge, Cartridge Gasket & Bypass Valve 
The cartridge, cartridge gasket, and bypass valve are three components that make up the body of the filter. The cartridge is the section of the filter that is to be inspected and cleaned consistently whereas the cartridge gasket is responsible for holding the cartridge in its place. Finally, the bypass valve enables water to move through the filter cartridge effortlessly.

Base  Typically, the base of the filter is made of plastic or a durable metal. The base is responsible for keeping the filter stationary, and it also offers protection for the bottom of the filter.

What Are the Best Methods for Cleaning Hot Tub Filters?

Every three to four months, your filter will need a full cleaning. In the meantime, each week, give it a quick spray down with your garden hose. Once a month, you should rinse as well as spritz with a specialized cleaner.

Before cleaning your filter, it is imperative that the actual hot tub is cleaned as well.  A clean filter will not perform as it should if it is placed back into a dirty hot tub. In fact, doing so will only defeat the purpose of cleaning your filter. Overall, if the filter is going to be cleaned, the hot tub must also be cleaned as well.

First things first, cut off the power to your hot tub and drain the water. Use a designated hot tub cleaner, to spray down the interior of the hot tub, known as the shell.  After this step is complete, rinse the hot tub with water and wipe it down.

Use your cloth or small toothbrush to get into the crevices of your hot tub such as around the lights and jets. Also, don’t forget to clean the cover of your hot tub and inspect for any tears.

Once this is complete, remove the filter from the hot tub. If possible, allow the filter to soak in a hot tub cleaning solution for a few hours or overnight to eliminate any dirt or debris successfully. Once this is complete, use a garden hose to rinse down the filter. Be sure to separate the pleats of the filter to ensure that the water rinses the filter efficiently. Replace the filter back in the hot tub.

For those that do not want any downtime, consider buying a second filter which can be used while the primary one is being cleaned.

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