How Far Away from The House Does A Hot Tub Need To Be?

Purchasing a new hot tub comes with a lot of necessary decision-making. Once you’ve chosen the model and style that suits your needs, you’ll need to decide on where to install it. Although hot tubs can be installed almost anywhere, you should consider the location carefully including proximity to the house, access points, landscaping, hardscaping, existing trees and shrubbery, windows and doors. How far away from the house does a hot tub need to be? In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you should keep in mind when deciding on a location for your new hot tub.

Ease of Entry

The closer your hot tub is to your house, the easier it is to get to the warm, bubbling waters. This may not be a big deal on warm, sunny days, but if you’re using your hot tub in inclement weather, a long walk to the hot tub might be enough to prevent you from suiting up in the first place. Placing the hot tub closer to an entrance means less time spent on cold or slippery walkways. You can also benefit from the glow of house lights if you’re using the hot tub when it’s dark outside.

Electrical Connections

Hot tubs require electricity to power the water heater and pumps. The closer the hot tub is to your house the easier it will be to plug it in. If you’ve opted for a plug and play, 110 volt hot tub you can simply plug it into any regular household electrical outlet. Since extension cords aren’t recommended when powering a hot tub, being close to an electrical outlet should be on your mind when choosing a location. If you’ve gone for a more powerful 220 volt, hardwired hot tub, you’ll need to hire an electrician to install a dedicated GFCI circuit. This may give you more leeway when it comes to choosing an installation location farther away from your house.

Water Source

Because hot tubs are closed systems and not connected directly to your household plumbing, they need to be emptied a few times a year to allow for thorough cleaning and the addition of fresh, new water. Being close to a source of water will make your hot tub life much easier. A garden hose attached to a tap outside your house is sufficient. If you don’t already have an outside tap, having one installed might be worth your while. Or you can invest in a hose that will attach to your kitchen sink.

Ease of Access

Ideally, you won’t have to worry about service and maintenance issues, but if it becomes necessary to look at the inner workings of your hot tub, you’ll want to ensure there’s enough room for a technician to get inside the hot tub cabinet. Most hot tubs have a removable control panel on one side of the cabinet, so as long as you don’t have that side butted up against the edge of your house, the motorized components should still be accessible. When choosing your hot tub orientation, just make sure that you still have easy access to the hot tub’s insides.

How Close is too Close?

There can be some instances when your hot tub is too close to your house. You don’t want to be constantly splashing water onto the side of your home. This could cause flooding issues or damage the siding of your house. You also don’t want the hot tub sitting underneath eavestroughs that might leak or drop icicles into the hot tub in the winter. Also, beware of the possibility of snow sliding off the roof and into the hot tub.

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