How Fast Can You Swim in a Swim Spa?

How Fast Can You Swim in a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are a popular alternative among those who may not have the room for a larger swimming pool.  They allow you to swim in a fraction of the space required for a full sized pool.  But if you’re not actually swimming laps in a swim spa, how natural does it feel?  And how fast can you swim in a swim spa?  In this article we’ll cover these questions and more.

How Natural Does It Feel to Swim in A Swim Spa?

The earliest swim spa models may have made swimming feel a little different, but manufacturers have learned from these early models and have come up with technological advances to make swimming in swim spa feel much more natural.  One of the major problems with early swim spa models was that too much turbulence was created which made it difficult to practice a smooth stroke.  The shape of swim spa tanks has since evolved to reduce the amount of turbulence created when the current reaches the back of the tank.  Today’s swim spas also have stronger water pumps which reduces the chances of the swimmer overpowering the current.  The currents in today’s swim spas are also much wider which makes it easier for the swimmer to stay centred.

How to Choose A Swim Spa?

An effective swim spa will have some characteristics that are worthwhile seeking out when trying to decide on an appropriate model.  These will allow for a more natural swim and ensure that you’re happy to use the swim spa for years to come.  Speak to your dealer about the following factors when comparing different swim spas.

Wide Swimming Lane

The wider the swimming lane, the more you’re able to concentrate on swimming rather than positioning.  The ideal spot for swimming in a swim spa is directly in the middle of the current. This will allow you to maintain a steady, even stroke without any fear of overpowering the current.  However, if the current is too narrow, you may find yourself struggling to position yourself properly.  Ask about the propulsion system and the width of the current it creates when comparing swim spas.

Tank Design

The shape of the swim spa tank plays a large role in how much turbulence is created.  As mentioned above, turbulence will affect the ability to maintain a natural swimming stroke.  It’s been found that rectangular swim spas with straight walls create the most turbulence.  When the current hits the back wall of the swim spa, it bounces back and begins to interfere with the swimming lane.  More modern swim spas will feature curved walls with recesses and wells that channel the water back to the front of the swim spa without affecting the current in the swimming lane.  Ask your dealer about turbulence reducing features in the tank design.

Water Pump Power

You might think that a higher horsepower (hp) water pump will result in a stronger swimming current.  However, the number you should really be looking at to determine the strength of the swimming current is the gallons per minute (gpm) rating.  For example, if you compare a five hp pump that’s rated for 360 gpm , it’ll create a stronger current than a seven hp pump rated for 300 gpm.  Make sure you’re looking at the correct figures when trying to determine water pump power.

How Fast Can You Swim in A Swim Spa?

Hydropool swim spas are one of the best known brands on the market.  They’ve been in business since 1970 and have employed all those years of experience in creating hot tubs and swim spas that provide the ideal bathing environments.  Hydropool swim spas use electronic valves to control the current rate, which have been found to be far superior over the manual valves which are more suitable to hot tubs.  This allows the swimmer to choose a current that runs anywhere from 3 km/h to 18 km/h ensuring that there is a speed available for every type of swimmer.

To learn more about choosing a swim spa, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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