How Hot Does a Swim Spa Get?

How Hot Does a Swim Spa Get?

You may have been hearing about the popularity of swim spas these days.  These small tanks provide a strong current that allows you to swim in a spot like an underwater treadmill.  Because of this current, you practice your stroke for as long as you want without ever having to turn around.  This also allows swim spas to be much smaller than lap pools or full-sized swimming pools.  As an added bonus, the small size means you can turn up the temperature of your swim spa.  How hot does a swim spa get?  You can easily get it up to hot tub type temperatures.  For this reason, swim spas have become popular among urban dwellers who want the benefits of a swimming pool and hot tub, but don’t have the space to fit them in.  In this article, we’ll go over the various features that are making swim spas so popular these days.

What Can Swim Spas Be Used For?

As mentioned, swim spas can be very versatile.  But there are uses for a swim spa that goes beyond practicing your stroke or relaxing in warm, bubbling water.  Swim spas can be used to perform watercise routines that are beneficial for people with mobility problems or issues with their bones, joints, and nerves.  The powerful jets in a swim spa can play a role in hydrotherapy and massage.  And by turning the temperature down, a swim spa can be a great place to cool off on a hot summer day.

How Do Swim Spas Work?

In a conventional single tank swim spa, a current is created in the water that you swim against.  This allows to you to stay in one place while practicing your stroke.  The current is typically generated by high powered water jets or a paddlewheel which can be adjusted to match the strength of your stroke.  This allows you to perform a variety of strokes at different intensities.  It also allows the swimming area to be quite small which makes swim spas ideal for people who don’t have space for a full-sized lap pool.

What Should You Look for When Shopping for A Swim Spa?

There will be a number of factors that play a role in which model of swim spa is right for you.  Of course, one of the biggest factors is how much you want to spend.  Swim spas can run from a few thousand dollars to the price of a mid-range car or more.  A lot of the cost will be related to how big the tank is, the type of current controls you’re looking for and the extra bells and whistles which can really drive up the price. 

Dual Tank Versus Single Tank

If you have some people in your family who are more interested in hot tubbing while others are looking to get in a good swimming workout, you should probably consider a dual tank model.  However, if you live on your own, you’ll be able to adjust the water temperature for whatever use you see fit for that day and a single tank unit will likely suffice.

Energy Efficiency

If you plan on using your swim spa in the colder months, you’ll want to invest in proper insulation to keep heating costs down.  Extra insulation around the bottom of the tank will prevent heat loss and allow you to recapture heat created by the motor.  Pressurized filtration systems can also cut down on energy use while still keeping the water clean.  Alternatively, you can have suction filtration units that are cheaper but mean the water needs to be replaced more often.

Now that you know how hot a swim spa gets, download our swim spa buyer’s guide to learn more about our models.

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