How Long are Most Lap Pools?

How Long are Most Lap Pools?

For those who don’t have enough space to install a full-sized backyard pool, but still want to get in a good workout, they may want to look into installing a lap pool.  As the name suggests, lap pools are designed specifically for swimming lengths.  This means they’re typically narrow, yet long enough to allow a swimmer to get in a good number of strokes in before they have to turn around.  For those considering such an installation, a typical question is, “How long are most lap pools?”  To answer this we’ll go over various possible dimensions as well as a unique solution for those who don’t even have enough space for a lap pool.

Lap Pool Length

Lap pools do not normally come in specified lengths.  An Olympic sized pool has a length of 25 metres, but the lap pool in your backyard doesn’t have to be anywhere near that long.  As long as you’re able to get in a comfortable number of strokes before you have to turn around, a lap pool can be of a length that works for you and the space you have for installation.  If you have room for a 30 or 40-foot long pool, you should be able to get in a decent workout without having to practice your turn arounds too often.

Lap Pool Width

If you consider the width of a lane in a competitive swimming pool is 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet, you’ll probably want your lap pool to be at least that wide.  Any narrower and you may end up running into the sides while you’re doing your workout.  If you can get up to 10 feet wide, you’ll decrease the amount of turbulence in the water when you’re swimming which will make for a much more streamlined workout.

Lap Pool Depth

Similar to the problems caused by a lap pool that’s too narrow, a lap pool that’s not deep enough will be turbulent.  If your lap pool is at least four feet deep the turbulence will be reduced, and you won’t have to worry about dragging your knuckles on the bottom.  If you plan on diving into the water, you may want to go even deeper.  A six-foot depth will give you a comfortable space for shallow dives.

Stationary Pools

If you don’t have 30 to 40 feet to spare in your backyard, but still want to do laps within the comfort of your own property, you can get around this by installing a stationary pool.  This will allow you to cut the length of a regular lap pool in half.  Stationary pools work by using a water pump to create a current which you swim against.  By calibrating the current properly, you can swim in place for an indefinite period of time.  Perfect for those with tiny backyards.

To find out more about lap pools, download a backyard escapes guide.

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