How Much Space Do You Need for an In-Ground Pool?

Are you planning on having an in-ground pool installed for next season but aren’t sure if you’ll have enough space in your backyard for one? When it comes to buying a pool for your home, it’s safe to say that regardless of the size of your backyard, you’re bound to find a perfect spa to fit your space.

The installation process for an in-ground pool will require more additional planning. Things like getting a permit and finding the right space to dig a hole, considering safety, electrical and plumbing, should all be kept in mind. More often than not, your backyard will be able to house an in-ground pool without any issues. However, here’s what you need to know about establishing the right space for one.

In-Ground Pool Rules and Regulations:

Before installing an in-ground pool, there are certain guidelines you will need to follow. This can change depending on your province or city; however, many areas will have a rule for how far away your pool will need to be from your property line and home. For instance, in Ontario, you will first need to apply for a pool permit and many municipalities require that you have 1.2 meters between the property line and your water’s edge. With this said, that is the baseline and will differ from area to area, so it’s best to see what the regulations are where you live.

How Much Space Do You Need in Your Yard for an In-Ground Pool?

Knowing if you have enough space in your yard for an in-ground pool really depends on what size you’re looking for. It’s suggested that you have about 1,200 square feet of space in your backyard, as this can fit a pool that’s about 12 by 24 feet. This recommended size also considers the approximate number of feet needed around each side of your pool for safety reasons. However, if you’re hoping to have additions like a slide, patio work or other features, then you will likely need to have a yard with a bit more space. 

That being said, this doesn’t mean that if you have a yard with less than 1,200 square feet that you can’t still have an exceptional in-ground pool. It just simply means that the in-ground pool you can get will be less than 12 by 24 feet. In fact, some in-ground pools can be as small as 12 by 14 feet. 

Regardless of the yard size you’re working with, it’s always a good idea to have an expert come out and see your backyard before committing to anything. That way, they can decide what the most ideal and practical size would be for your space.

Installation Process for In-Ground Pools:

First things first when it comes to beginning an installation process of the in-ground pool you’ve chosen is the architectural designs. This consists of getting a basis of what it will look like in your yard by having a professional create a drawing guideline. 

During this time, you will realize that there are actually very many pool designs that might just work perfectly in your space. Here are a few to consider.

First is the traditional design, whether that is a rectangular, circular or square-shaped pool. So even if you have limited space to work with, just remember that there are many different pool shapes to choose from. Less traditional and more modern are the options of kidney-shape, lazy-l, and figure 8 shaped pools.

Once you have a plan put in place for the type of pool you’re going to get, your next step will be getting a building permit. As previously mentioned, you will need to get government approval before you can begin your construction. After you have received the go-ahead and you have your permit, you can begin marking out the areas for your in-ground pool installation. Once all of the plans are put into place, your contractor will begin digging out the hole for your pool, ensuring no plumbing or cables are damaged in the process. Again, it’s very important to make sure a seasoned professional is doing this so that no issues arise.

Finding the right space for an in-ground pool depends on different factors, and the size of your yard is a very important one. However, if you find that your yard is still too small for an in-ground pool, then we recommend taking a look through Hyrdopool’s many swim spas, as a model like this might just be the perfect fit for your space! Regardless of the size you have to work with, there are so many pool and spa options on the market that it’s safe to say you’ll still find the right one. 

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