How to Build a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

How to Build a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

As the winter months come to an end, we all open the windows, bust out the lawn chairs, and get that much-needed vitamin D. The nights become warmer and we begin to socialize more with friends and family. One way many of us will spend our upcoming summer nights is in our backyard, munching on chips and salsa, and sipping lemonade with the smokey scent of BBQ on the grill. These beautiful days and warm nights are enjoyable for sure, but how do you make sure you are making the most out of these precious moments? Many families find that custom outdoor kitchens are the way to go.

Custom outdoor kitchens are a way to keep everyone outside and together in an open environment. Outdoor kitchens provide the perfect opportunity to install a fun kitchen feature many would prefer to keep out of the house, like a bar or pizza oven. Others enjoy outdoor kitchens so much because they already spend so much time outdoors grilling and entertaining outside. If you are considering building a custom outdoor kitchen, here are a few basics you should be aware of.

Build in Phases

The great thing about custom outdoor kitchens, is they do not need to be built all at once. Start with furnishing your backyard with a table first. Then a couple months or years later add a fire pit, then a hot tub, or a bar! With outdoor kitchens, you can easily add on when the finances are available. This you can also do when it is the offseason for outdoor dining. For example, outdoor furniture may be discounted in the later summer or even fall months.


Prefabricated outdoor kitchens are pre-made and brought to your home either in one piece, or a few pieces, then installed. This differs from more customizable options where you can choose the length of a countertop or where you would like to put a wine fridge. Most of these decisions are made for you, with a little wiggle room on some personalized options. Some individuals are not too worried about personalized decisions and are more focused on the price. Which is exactly where prefabricated kitchens provide. At a lower price, you work within the parameters of the prefabricated kitchen.

These are also much easier to install, eliminating the need for complex foundations or building permits. Prefabricated kitchens are a great option for those who are aware of the pros and cons.

DIY and Customize

One of the most popular options is to personalize your outdoor kitchen by designing it yourself. This is when you can really get creative with your BBQ, bar, or entertainment options. Some hire professionals to help them build their dream backyard. Others prefer to get their hands dirty and give a DIY pizza oven a try. No matter the route you take, there are tons of options when it comes to how you wish to design your outdoor kitchen. Incorporate a fridge, wine fridge, fire pit, bar seating, ceiling fan, or even tiki lights. Build the space you can see people enjoying the most!

Add a Hot Tub

Another great feature to add to your outdoor kitchen is a fun water entertainment feature, like a hot tub. Hot tubs are a great way to relax at the end of a long day or a fun way to socialize with friends. A hot tub combined with an outdoor kitchen can provide long days and nights of enjoyment in both the summer and winter months. In the summer, spend your evening cooking dinner in your outdoor kitchen then count the stars in your hot tub. In the winter, roast some marshmallows or make some warm cocktails, then slip into your cozy hot tub to warm up.

Many have also found therapeutic benefits from hot tub soaks. The jets and warm waters have proven to help relieve tension, headaches, muscle aches, and ease stress.

Think an outdoor custom kitchen would be perfect for your home? Get designing and learning more about some of the incredible fun features available for outdoor entertainment! Download a backyard escapes guide to learn more.

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