How to Decorate Around a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great addition to any backyard and should be considered into the overall landscape design. Try to incorporate your hot tub into a beautifully landscaped space. If you want some ideas on how to decorate around a hot tub, we’ve put together a list.


Hot tubs and decks go together like peanut butter and jam. A hot tub can give rise to a wide variety of decking options. Building the deck up to the hot tub’s edges can provide a sunken hot tub look. Decking built around the base of the hot tub can provide a nice-looking, slip-free surface on which to approach the water. Installing steps up from the deck to the hot tub edge can make entry into the water easier. Although wood is often the preferred material, there are now plenty of longer-lasting, man-made options for deck construction as well. Use different textures and colours to match or contrast with your hot tub cabinet depending on the effect you’re looking for.


Although the main attraction of a hot tub is spending time in the warm, massaging water, you’ll likely spend plenty of time around your hot tub as well. To make this more comfortable, you’ll need to invest in some furniture. Of course, the type and style of the furniture you choose will depend on your taste and budget, but some comfortable chairs and a table will not go unused. Benches can come in handy for extra guests while also providing interesting lines and levels.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve already got the hot tub, deck, table and chairs, you’ve got the basis for an al fresco dinner party! You just need to add a place to prepare your meals. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a barbecue grill or outdoor pizza oven or something as extensive as a full outdoor kitchen complete with sink, fridge and counter space.

Hot Tub Bar

Where there’s food, there also needs to be drink. Hot tub bars are the latest in social media influencer style, but they’re also incredibly functional. Surrounding one, two or three sides of your hot tub with a bar allows people who aren’t in the water to easily communicate with those who are.

Fire Pit

A fire pit will not only warm you up when you’re sitting on the side of your hot tub on a cool evening, but it will also add to the ambience of a well-appointed backyard. Gas fire pits can cut down on a lot of the fuss, smoke and ash involved with a woodfire and make for a cleaner environment around your hot tub.

Overhead Protection

Having the sun or rain beat down on your head while soaking in the hot tub may be novel at first, but with time it can become annoying. Erecting a gazebo or pergola over the hot tub can provide protection from the elements while also adding to the ambience of the entire area. The structure will also give you more space to add further decorative elements.


All our suggestions so far have been hardscape elements. You should also consider adding some life with plants and greenery. If you don’t have the soil or garden beds available you can use containers to provide homes for a wide variety of plants. Just make sure to choose specimens that won’t end up shedding pollen or leaves that will end up in the water.

With these ideas on how to decorate around a hot tub, you can easily create an inviting space for your hot tub sessions. For more information download a free buyer’s guide.


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