How To Drain A Swim Spa

Swim spas are versatile aquatic appliances that can be enjoyed by the swimmer and non-swimmer alike. Their compact size makes them ideal for homes where space is an issue and allows them to be used all year round. And while we believe that swim spa owners should spend most of their time enjoying their swim spa, some maintenance duties will be necessary. Keeping the water clean and fresh will not only make for a more pleasurable bathing experience, but it will also ensure that harmful bacteria and pathogens are unable to accumulate. Regularly testing the water chemistry balance, cleaning the water filters and occasionally changing the swim spa water should all be part of the maintenance schedule. In this article, we concentrate on how to drain a swim spa and why it’s necessary.

Why Does A Swim Spa Need To Be Drained?

Regardless of how much time you spend testing the water, adding chemicals and cleaning your swim spa, you’ll eventually need to drain your swim spa and refill it with clean water. Swim spas are closed systems which means that the water is simply recirculated through the plumbing. By regularly changing the water you can ensure that it’s always fresh and safe. You may also need to drain your swim spa if you plan on shutting it down for an extended amount of time.

How Often Should A Swim Spa Be Drained?

If you aren’t going to use your swim spa for several months, it’s probably in your best interest to drain it and shut it down until you’re ready to use it again. Keeping your swim spa full for long periods when it isn’t being can lead to a variety of different problems. It’s better to drain it and cover it up for the time being. If the swim spa is getting used regularly you should plan to drain it at least every six months. The more use that it gets and the more people that it receives should increase the frequency of draining. People inadvertently introduce all types of organic matter into the water which can affect the water chemistry and promote the growth of unwanted organisms. You can counter this by showering before using the swim spa, but no amount of rinsing will eliminate organic compounds from getting into the water.

How To Drain The Swim Spa

Although there’s a wide variety of swim spa models on the market, when it comes to draining them, it’s usually done in one of two different methods. The first is using the drain spigot at the bottom of the outside of the swim spa. The other is to use a submersible pump to suck the water out and over the edge of the swim spa. Your owner’s manual will be able to let you know which method is recommended for your particular model.

Before draining the swim spa it’s important to have a plan for where the water will go. Swim spas contain thousands of litres of water and you don’t want that ending up in your basement, on your neighbour’s property or in your prize-winning rose garden. Connect a hose to the drain spigot or the submersible pump and place the end in a storm drain if at all possible. If that’s not an option, ensure the water stays away from the perimeter of your house or anything else that could be damaged by flooding.

When you’re ready to start draining the swim spa, turn off the power and open the spigot or start the pump. Make sure to monitor the process so you don’t end up with problematic flooding. Once empty, the swim spa can be cleaned and refilled with fresh water.

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