How to Get into a Swim Spa?

How to Get into a Swim Spa?

The global pandemic has created a new order of winners and losers.  Things like grocery stores and online shopping have thrived while former mainstays such as bars and restaurants are having a tough go of things.  The fitness and recreation sector has also seen its fair share of disruption.  Gyms have been opening and closing as ordered which has created an uncertain situation for their users.  And then there’s the question of safety in a public environment known for sweating, heavy breathing and shared surfaces.  This has caused an explosion of interest in home fitness and recreation opportunities.  Swim spas are especially popular due the fact that they offer both fitness and recreation no matter the time of year or the temperature outside.  If you’re wondering how to get into a swim spa fitness and/or recreation routine, we’ve put together this article to help explain how they can be best put to use.

Uniquely Designed for A Versatile Experience

Swim spas are uniquely designed to provide the user with a full length swimming pool experience in a fraction of the space.  This has made them extremely popular with those who live in densely populated areas with smaller property plots.  But the fact that they allow swimming to occur all year round is something that you can’t get in a full sized swimming pool or a hot tub.  Many swim spas feature dual tanks that allow for two radically different water temperatures at once.  One tank can be programmed to reach hot tub temperatures while the other can be set at a comfortable swimming temperature.  A swim spa is the ideal mixture of fitness and relaxation. 

A Space for Swimming

The swimming experience in a swim spa is created by a powerful water current which keeps the swimmer in place while they practice their stroke.  The swimmer never reaches the end of the pool which enables a continuous workout without the need for a lengthy swimming lane and going back and forth.  The current can be adjusted to meet the needs of the swimmer – whether a competitive athlete or a beginner who’s just learning how to swim.  It can accommodate every swimming stroke possible making it useful to those looking for a serious workout or those who are just looking to have some fun while swimming.

A Space for Relaxing

Even if you don’t have a dual tank system, a swim spa can be a great place for simply relaxing.  Because of the relatively small volume of water, it’s possible to heat the water up to hot tub temperatures.  It can also act as a cooling plunge pool on a hot, sunny day.  In fact, it’s found that many swim spa owners use their swim spa more for relaxing and soaking than they do for swimming and working out.  The beautiful thing about the swim spa is that it gives you the choice no matter the time of year or the amount of free space you have available.

A Space for Other Exercises and Workouts

Your workout doesn’t have to be limited to swimming when you own a swim spa.  The tank is large enough to allow for many other types of aquatic exercise – from water aerobics to resistance training and more.  Water is a great medium for those who have mobility issues, suffer from joint problems or otherwise can’t perform high impact exercises.  Water provides natural resistance which can allow for an extended range of motion without the fear of falling.  Pretty much any exercise you can do on dry land can be done more safely in the water.

Swim Spa Accessories

To further the versatility of swim spas even more there are a number of accessories which can be used to enhance both exercise and recreational use.  Things like rowing kits and tethers can be added to broaden the number of activities that can be carried out in the swim spa.  Other accessories such as stereo systems or mood lighting can create an even more enticing atmosphere in both exercise and recreational capacities. 

To learn more about how to get in a swim spa routine, download a free buyer’s guide today.

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