How to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Are you wondering how to improve your outdoor living space so that you make better use of your property?  There are some simple (and some not so simple!) things you can do to make your outdoor areas more inviting.  In this article, we’ll go over a list of ideas that will not only improve the area but will make you want to spend more time there.

Increase the Foliage

Planting trees, flowers, and other foliage is one of the cheapest and simplest things you can to make your outdoor spaces more appealing.  Consider in which season each type of plant will prosper to try and create an outdoor area that’s in bloom all year round.  By combining different types of flowering perennials with shrubs, colourful, but sturdy, cold-resistant plants and evergreens, you can ensure your outdoor space is inviting throughout all the seasons.

Shine Some Light

Getting out when the sun is shining is usually not much of a problem.  Wanting to head outdoors when it’s pitch black isn’t so inviting.  Remedy this by adding some outdoor lighting to the areas you’d like to use more often.  Your choices range from the purely functional to the outer extremes of high fashion.  A well-lit yard is not only more appealing to friends and guests, but it also increases the safety factor when it comes to people with more sinister intents.

Lay the Groundwork

Laying down a patio, creating a deck or installing a walkway will not only make the area more attractive, but they’ll also create a natural area for your friends and family to walk, linger and relax.  Some people may feel a bit apprehensive about walking on a well-manicured lawn, but when faced with stone path, a patio or a deck they’ll instantly know the area is there for them to tread.

Light A Fire

A fire pit is a great way to create an outdoor focal point.  Even better is when it’s filled with a crackling bonfire.  The fire can keep you warm on cool nights or just create the perfect setting for enjoying the outdoors.  A fire pit can be as simple as a small dugout surrounded by stones or it can be an incredibly elaborate and beautiful permanent fixture. 

Get Cooking

If you already spend a lot of time cooking on a grill outdoors, you might consider installing an outdoor kitchen.  Having a fridge and a sink in your backyard is an amazing convenience for those who prefer to cook al fresco.  You’ll find yourself running in and out of the house much less often while keeping your food safe and your hands clean.

To get even more ideas for how to turn your outdoor space into a fantastic oasis, download a Backyard Escapes guide.

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