How to Landscape Around Your Inground Swimming Pool

Wutlzp8nItd8A_tCizCwgmIzU40ISF6gQQ4tMsy2R_g,H80ll4Vxzd2GnbqdkKWzSaJZYzojjvPFMu_Fz6_QLc0You can turn even the most basic swimming pool into a beautiful retreat with the addition of a few plants, trees and other natural elements. Here are a few basic tips on how to landscape around your inground swimming pool.

Use Potted Plants

The beauty of potted plants is that they are totally portable. A few tips on maintaining and positioning potted plants in pool landscaping are as follows:

  • Because potted plants dry out much faster outside, be sure to water them more frequently
  • Potted plants look best grouped together
  • Use plant stands to vary the heights of various types of pots and plants
  • To help bring the pool layout together, place potted plants on either end of a bench, on both sides of a door or gate or beside pool patio furniture.

Incorporate Planters into the Design

Unlike potted plants, planters are a permanent feature, usually incorporated into a design as a flat open area in the pool patio or as an elevated feature adjacent to benches or walls. Planting beds are a great way to bring diversity and energy to your pool-scape by breaking the monotony of an open area. They also reduce the amount of square feet needed for the patio, which lowers costs.

Landscaping for Privacy

Privacy is a concern for most pool owners. The screening properties of natural plants and trees makes landscaping one of the most effective ways to attain privacy in a swimming pool area. For example, planting a single row of Leland Cypress trees would make an effective privacy screen.

Using Landscape Lighting

Properly designed landscape lighting adds elegance to an outdoor area. Many outdoor lighting systems are low-voltage, so you could choose to install one yourself, but there are many reputable companies that will do it for you.

Plants to Use Around Pools

There is a wide variety of plants and trees used in pool landscaping, according to region. Plants to use around the pool include:

  • Evergreen trees and groundcover
  • Shrubs
  • Long-blooming flowers
  • Ornamental grasses like fountain grass

Plants to Avoid Around Pools 

Plants that shouldn’t be used around the pool include:

  • Fruit-bearing trees
  • Plants that attract bees and other insects such as mint or bee balm
  • Plants with thorns, barbs or other prickly parts like roses or hollies
  • Deciduous trees
  • Crape Myrtles (a flowering tree)

To Boulder or Not to Boulder

The proper use of boulders can transform a pool area into an oasis, but if your pool isn’t built to blend in with nature, boulders will look out of place. Boulders are best used in groups with lots of pool landscaping.

Consult with your pool expert to help you determine the best landscaping around your inground swimming pool.

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