How to Make a Staycation Feel like a Vacation?

How to Make a Staycation Feel like a Vacation?

Staycations are becoming a more popular way of spending your time off from work.  Not only can staycations be cheaper than a typical vacation that includes flight and hotel costs, but they can also help you learn to appreciate the true value of your own home and backyard. With the money you save by staying home on your break from work, you can spruce up your property to make it feel even more luxurious.  In this article, we’ll give some tips on what you can do with your backyard and how to make a staycation feel like a vacation.

Create an Outdoor Eating Spot

There’s nothing like eating al fresco.  But this doesn’t mean you have to be sipping on onion soup on a patio in Paris or eating barracuda on the beaches of Jamaica.  You can do this in the comfort of your own backyard.  Investing in a weatherproof dining table and chair set will allow you to enjoy a fresh breeze while tucking into some homemade barbecue.  But you don’t even need to be that swanky – a simple wooden picnic table will easily do the job.  A place to sit and a flat surface for your dish is all you really need.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Most people probably already have some sort of grill or barbecue set up.  But what about installing a full-on outdoor kitchen?  When your backyard has its own dedicated sink and refrigerator, you’ll be relieved of having to continually run in and out of the house while preparing your meal.  Simply pull all your ingredients from your outdoor fridge, wash your hands as many times as necessary in your outdoor sink and concentrate on creating that perfectly grilled dish.

Install A Pool or Hot Tub

There’s nothing much more luxurious than having access to a swimming pool or hot tub right in your own backyard.  You may never leave your hometown for a vacation again!  Hot tubs have the added advantage of being usable all year round, no matter what the weather is like outside.  You may think the cost will be too high, but if you consider how much it costs to fly and accommodate a family of four or more in a foreign country, you might be surprised to find that a single staycation will cover the costs of a new pool or hot tub.

To find out more about how you can make your home staycation worthy, download our backyard escapes guide.

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