How You Can Benefit from Using a Swim Spa This Season

With summer just around the corner, you might consider adding a pool to your home. But did you know that a swim spa can provide just as perfect a space for swimming, playing and exercising? In one compact unit, swim spas combine the benefits of pool and hot tubs, ultimately providing the perfect space for swimmers of any age or level. But if it’s such a compact space, how does swimming in one work? Here’s how you can benefit from using a swim spa for swimming this summer. 

Swimming in a Swim Spa 

While pools will traditionally provide the ideal space to swim back and forth, swim spas create the ideal environment to swim in place. Simply turn on the jets to whatever level you feel most comfortable, and begin swimming against the current. One continuous stream of water will keep you in place and provide you with the perfect low-impact swim. It’s a great alternative to swimming in a pool because it allows individuals of any age or swimming ability to customize it to their specific needs or preferences. For example, athletes can turn up the power to the jets for a more intense dash, while young children just learning how to swim can have a swim set to the level that works for them. And for those that maybe feel more comfortable adding a tether or board to keep them in one spot, Hydropool swim spas come equipped with an anchor point where you can attach them with ease. 

Not only is a swim spa incredibly versatile as it allows you to customize your swim experience, but it also allows you to focus on things like technique or form because you’re swimming in one continuous motion. Rather than doing laps and stopping at each wall to turn back around, swim spas provide a constant stream of water at your desired level. Some other benefits that come with this jet technology are that you can also exercise, play, relax, and unwind all in the same space. Just as easily as you can customize your swim routine to the level you desire, you can also set the scene for an incredible workout! 

Exercising and Playing in a Swim Spa 

Hydropool’s collections of swim spas provide the perfect at-home workout. Whether you’d like to attach workout bands, water weights, or go for a walk or run with their treadmill technology in select spas, there are endless options. Simply turn on the jets and begin walking or running in one spot, just as you approach swimming. They create the perfect space for the whole family to play, too! And because they’re compact, they can be added to many backyards without any issues! Just ensure that the temperature is not too hot if children use the swim spa to play or swim. Keeping the temperature around 98 degrees is ideal. You can always contact a spa dealer near you if you have any questions about safety.

Relaxing in a Swim Spa 

While a summer spent in a pool having fun and swimming around sounds like the ideal scene, picture being able to do all those things and then unwinding as massage jets ease pain, tension or stress. You can also receive an excellent massage with the same jets that can create the ideal swim. This is why the swim spa is referred to as “the best of both worlds” because it combines all of the incredible benefits you’d receive from a hot tub and a pool. The hydrotherapy benefits of a swim spa don’t end with the low-impact, versatile and customizable swim. While people of all ages and abilities can swim, walk, run or exercise in their spa, there are also benefits like improved sleep, better blood circulation and helping to ease headaches, pain from injury, arthritis and more. It improves physical health, one’s mental health and overall state of wellness, too. The list of benefits can go on, and adding a swim spa to your home this summer can provide you and your loved ones with them all. 

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