Landscaping Options Around a Custom Garden Pool

Waterfall - Natural Slab2Constructing a garden pool is not an easy task as it requires thorough knowledge of architecture. Each garden is designed differently and has varying topographical features. You must pick a pool design that matches your garden if you want to make the most of the available space. If you have a large garden, there are fewer concerns for you to work around. 

It is important to build a landscape around the pool once it is installed, as this will liven up the entire garden. Some people like to keep the large green space around the pool as it is. This may take less effort to maintain, but it has its own concerns. You must keep some space between the lawn and your pool, to avoid dirt getting into your pool.

Use simple and natural objects 

The biggest aesthetic advantage you have with a pool apart from its basic design is with regards to the garden surrounding it. You do not want to diminish the effect the greenery has on how your custom pool looks. While landscaping around the swimming pool, do not forget to use natural materials like large stones and flower pots. Stone slabs around the pool can help in making out a proper boundary between the pool and your garden.

You can opt for tiles for the pool deck, irrespective of how they contrast with the garden as tiles allow for a sudden transition from one landscape to another.

Putting up a fence

Once again, keep your props natural. If you are putting up a small wooden fence around the pool deck for safety purposes, try to give it a slightly weathered touch. Darker wood goes very nicely with the natural green backdrop. 


Innovative designs for your lighting scheme are essential to determine how beautiful your pool looks. Work on colors that contrast with the colors around the pool. For instance, if you have an abundance of yellow flowers, deep blue lights around the poolside will look wonderful. 

Consider having two sets of lights: one set on the pool floor, and the other on the outside. If you have a section for children, you could use different lighting patterns for each side of the pool. The lighting brings out the essence of your custom pool design during the late evenings. Have a barbeque installed out on the lawn and start grilling some burger patties by the pool!

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