Maintenance of your Pool Deck

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.43.12 AMLandscaping your pool area and choosing the right themes and designs is fun, but it is equally important to maintain your yard. One of the areas of the poolside that requires special attention is the deck, which sees the maximum footfalls, water splashes and wear and tear. You would need to clean and disinfect the deck often to ensure there is no dirt or infection-causing bacteria or viruses. Another important aspect is to keep the surface wiped and dry.

The cleaning process differs from one surface to another. There are wooden decks, stone, cement, ceramic tiles, rubber, brick et al, and the procedure may vary, so it is best to check if you can use a certain cleaning product for a surface. In general, it is best to cover the most frequently used areas of the deck with non-slippery mats to ensure that there is no harm to the deck.

Keep the rust away
Another way to keep your pool deck clean is to ensure that there are no metal chairs or tables; rust from furniture could leave stains on your acrylic pool deck. The method recommended to clean the deck is by using a hose to spray a long strong jet of water. You could use a pressure washer to clean the deck, but if the deck is made of wood, you may avoid it because it could chip or splinter. A spray could work better in that situation.

Once you are done spraying the deck area with water, you would need a mild scrubbing solution and clean the deck. Then, wipe and ensure the deck is fully dry before you put back the outdoor chairs or other furniture pieces on the deck again.

Cleaning wooden decks
In general, it is best to wipe away any spills immediately to avoid formation of deep stains. Don’t plant huge fruit-bearing or shedding trees next to the deck, because the leaves, flowers or fruit could leave stains on the deck if not cleaned immediately.

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