Make Your Dream of a Backyard Pool a Reality

Nothing is as refreshing as a swimming pool on a sultry summer’s day. Pools are often seen as a luxury, but they serve other functions, too and are well worth the cost. A swimming pool can add beauty and visual interest to your yard with the addition of colourful tiles or a unique water feature.

As you prepare to have an in-ground pool installed, map out your space and consider what size, shape and style might work best in your yard. Having some idea of what you’d like your pool to look like will help when it comes time to talk with a pool builder.

Here are some tips to make your dream of a backyard pool a reality.

Design Options

When it comes to thinking about having a pool designed and built, careful consideration must be given to the following points:

  • How much space you want to dedicate to the project, including extras like a pool deck and specialty landscaping
  • Whether you want an outdoor pool or an indoor pool
  • The size and shape of the pool (e.g. a rectangular pool is best for a long and narrow yard)
  • How the pool will be used, i.e. swimming laps, entertaining, family activities, etc.

Lifestyle Considerations

Different installation methods are better suited to certain lifestyles. An in-ground pool is a major and potentially lifetime commitment. Construction costs, maintenance and energy bills can add up, so you need to be sure you want to commit to that.

If not, consider getting a swim spa, which is, essentially, a smaller version of an in-ground pool. Depending on your lifestyle, it may get more use than a full-sized pool, it won’t take up as much of your yard and it’s not as much of a commitment either financially or maintenance-wise.

In the end, the decision comes down to whether you think the costs and upkeep are worth the time you’ll spend enjoying a pool.

Choosing Materials

The life of your swimming pool or swim spa depends on the quality of the materials you choose for it. For instance, vinyl is the cheapest option but it’s also less durable than concrete. Liven up plain concrete by adding a colourful mosaic tile border or an interesting water feature.

Using natural-looking materials will help you to incorporate your pool seamlessly into your landscape design or, for a contemporary look, go for an infinity edge swimming pool.

Whatever materials you choose, keep in mind the long-term maintenance and repair costs, such as replacing broken tiles or fixing leaks and cracks.

Extras and Accessories

Overlooking in-ground pool

Swimming pools are just naturally fun, but you can boost the fun factor by including a diving board, a slide or a small waterfall. You could also add floats, toys and loungers for the ultimate in relaxation.

Everyone can enjoy the pool, even when they’re not in it, if there is ample seating and umbrellas to protect from the sun.

A cabana is ideal when entertaining during parties and an outdoor shower and changing station comes in handy when you’re ready to go indoors.

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