Making the Most Out of Your Backyard in Summer 2022

The summers may be short when you’re living in Ontario, but it’s safe to say Canadians make the most of them. After two long years of limited travel and seeing friends and family, summer 2022 will surely be one that we all remember, and for good reasons only. Although more people will likely be travelling this season, there is still much to be said about the pleasure of staycations. 

Transforming your backyard into a paradise can look different for each person, and the addition of a pool, swim spa, or hot tub is one way to achieve the ultimate summer experience we all desire. Here are some ways you can transform your backyard into an oasis in 2022. 

Adding a Swim Spa or Pool to Your Home This Season

Picture it now. You’re taking a dip into some refreshing, crystal-clear water with family and friends by your side. Luckily, with the addition of a pool or swim spa, you don’t need to go far to make this dream a reality. Adding a swim spa or pool to your home this season provides endless benefits and opportunities for fun, exercise and relaxation. While a pool provides a wonderful place to do all the previously mentioned things, if you simply don’t have the space for one or are looking at alternative options, then a swim spa will likely be the perfect choice for you. These compact units are ideal for smaller spaces and provide endless opportunities to swim, exercise and play. Simply change the jet setting of a swim spa and go from an intense swim to a leisurely walk with ease. Press those same buttons and turn your exercise space into a relaxing hot tub setting as those same jets work away any pain or tension you might be feeling with their various massage settings. Whether you’re with your partner, family, friends, or just want to enjoy the experience by yourself, there are endless ways to customize the experience to fit everyone’s preferences and needs. And because we’re talking about the summer months, it’s also just as easy to transition the temperature to a more comfortable setting. Perhaps in the wintertime, you will want your swim spa in the low 100s, but in the summer, you prefer the low 90s. Maybe, you’d like to enjoy a summer night out in your swim spa and want to turn the temperature up again. The beauty of a swim spa is that its versatility allows you to create your ideal experience every time.

The Benefits of Adding a Swim Spa to Your Home This Season 

And the upsides of owning one don’t end there! In fact, there are also endless benefits of using a swim spa. On top of being able to entertain and connect with friends and loved ones, swim spas also reduce pain, tension, and stress and help to improve sleep, circulation and one’s overall state of wellness. In addition, they also improve mental health and clarity and are an excellent means of rehabilitation for post-injury recovery. Because of all the ways you can exercise, including swimming, running, walking, using water weights, etc., there are endless ways you can customize the experience further to improve your health.

Additionally, these exercises that you incorporate into your daily life with a swim spa are also low-impact. As many of us know, water provides us with a weightless feeling. We often feel much lighter and can exercise more than we might out of water because of the buoyance created and the relief on our joints. 

In addition to the benefits we all directly receive individually from using a swim spa, there are also the benefits of owning one. From being able to entertain family and spend more quality time with your children or spouse to inviting friends over – a swim spa sets the scene for fun and enjoyment! And as the days wind down and the stars appear, you can sit back with your favourite people and enjoy the summer nights to the fullest. 

There are so many benefits to owning a swim spa, and if you’d like to learn more about what a swim spa can do for you, be sure to contact a swim spa provider in your area!

The addition of a swim spa might just be the perfect way to make the most out of your backyard this summer 2022. To learn more about choosing the right spa for you and your space, download our free buyer’s guide.


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