Create a Mystical Atmosphere in Your Backyard with Floating Globe Lights

Floating Globe Lights

One of the easiest to class up your backyard is to add mood lighting. Whether they are hanging lights near the patio or floating globes in the swimming pool, lighting changes the whole atmosphere of your backyard. Apart from typical colonial lanterns and solar lights, you can use LED lights to brighten up the pool area without spending a fortune! Lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to revamp your backyard as most of the modern lighting systems make used of energy efficient lights.

Capable of handling tough weather conditions without adding to your bills, LED lights are the most responsible method to give you backyard a mystical twist. When it comes to outdoor lighting, few beat the cost effectiveness and impact of Chillite lights. Making the best use of LED lights in outdoor settings, floating light globes available on Bonavista are durable and long lasting.

The biggest USP of these lighting systems is that they are rechargeable and cordless. Programmed to follow you anywhere, these brightly lit bulbs can be controlled by remote. You can also change the color of the lights to suit your surroundings and enjoy the flexible lighting options these simple globes offer. These lights can also be switched off using remote controls, allowing you to relax in your backyard.

Cordless globe bulbs available on Bonavista are designed to tolerate impact and can be immersed in water for depths upto 2 meters. You can either let the globes float around your swimming pool to create a calming atmosphere or immerse them to give the pool water a fantastical effect. What’s more, you can charge these lights by simply placing them on the charging station.

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