Natural Stone Decking for Your Pool

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.46.07 PMAn important aspect of poolscaping is to choose the right material for the area around the swimming pool in your yard. Since the deck is the area that receives maximum footfalls, care should be taken to choose the right material. There are many stone varieties you can choose from that offer a combination of style and functionality.
Slate and granite
One of the highly popular pool deck materials used is slate. Slate is durable and heavy, easy to install and can be cut to different shapes and sizes. The material comes in colors such as purple, green, gray and rust. You can use slate if you are planning a traditional pool landscape or one with a natural theme. Slate may not be a great option if you live in particularly warm climates since it absorbs heat.

Granite is used when designers want a really hard and durable material for the deck. Granite doesn’t wear off at all, and also has a certain sheen, lending an elegant touch to the deck. Other options
Limestone is a good choice for pool decks as it lends an aesthetic touch to the entire area. Also, it is durable and comes in many colors like brown, pink, blue and tan.

Flagstone or bluestone is one of the most elegant natural materials to use around your pool. You could use random patterns of the stone and have a grout that matches the color of your home.

Of late, Travertine is being used a lot around pool areas. It comes in many sizes and colors, and you can install it in irregular, random shapes. Since Travertine absorbs water, the material is slip free and safe. The material stays cool and is a huge hit because it works in all kinds of climatic conditions. It comes in various colors such as a light shade of brown, ivory and gold. The material is available in a textured, porous finish, apart from polished and matte finishes.

When you use natural stone for your deck, maintenance involves washing the surface with water followed by bleaching. You may also have to use some sealants meant for natural stones from time to time. If there are stains on the stone that are difficult to remove, you may need an acid to clean them. It is best to seek professional advice when you use acids to clean the deck surface.


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