New Year’s Swim Spa Resolutions

New Year’s Swim Spa Resolutions

The end of the year provides some time to look back over the past year and make changes to make the coming year even better.  Although most resolutions involve personal betterment, you can also make resolutions regarding your swim spa.  This will not only lead to personal betterment, but it can also lead to a better running swim spa as well.  To give you ideas for some new year’s swim spa resolutions, we’ve put together this list.

Swim Spa Maintenance

Although we all bought our swim spas so that we could swim in the privacy of our own homes, responsibility for maintenance and operation is also a large part of owning a swim spa.  By resolving to change some of your habits in the new year, you may find that you won’t need to spend as much time worrying about maintenance and issues with water cleanliness. 

The Power of The Shower

Although it’s completely understandable that you likely just want to jump into the water as quickly as possible, taking the time to have a shower before you get into the swim spa will vastly decrease the amount of dirt, soap residues and other contaminants that will throw your water chemistry out of balance and decrease the lifespan of your water filters.  Insist that everyone takes a shower before using the swim spa and we guarantee the difference will be noticeable.

Covering Up

Swim spa covers play a wide variety of roles in keeping your swim spa clean, safe and energy efficient.  Although often considered an accessory, we think a swim spa cover is a necessity.  By replacing the cover whenever the swim spa isn’t being used, you greatly decrease the number of airborne debris that gets into the water.  You’ll find yourself swimming more and skimming less.  The cover also decreases water evaporation – especially during the winter months.  As evaporation occurs, the chemicals in the water become more concentrated which will require more attention to keep the water chemistry balanced.  You’ll save time and chemicals by religiously replacing your swim spa cover.  The cover will also help the water retain heat and reduce the amount of energy required to maintain a consistent water temperature.  And finally, a swim spa cover will ensure that children, animals or unwanted guests are unable to access the water. 

Keeping a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule will ultimately free up time.  Almost all of the tasks associated with keeping the swim spa clean and running properly should be done on a regular, recurring basis.  By creating and keeping a regular maintenance schedule you’ll fall into a routine that will reduce the chances that you’ll forget to do something and pay for it later.  Divvy up your tasks into weekly, monthly and quarterly categories and try and double them up as much as possible.  For example, when it’s time to clean your water filters, do it at the same time as you test the water.  Or when the quarterly deep cleaning rolls around, clean your water filters at the same time.  Becoming a creature of habit with regards to maintenance will ultimately reduce the amount of work necessary.

Use Your Swim Spa More Often

Resolving to use your swim spa more often will not only get you in better shape, but it’ll also make you feel better about the purchase you made.  No one likes to look at an expensive piece of equipment that never gets used, such as a treadmill or exercise bike.  Try and increase the number of times you use the swim spa each week.  Invite people over to use it as well.  Seeing other people enjoy the swim spa may spur you to use it more yourself.  And the goodwill that’s involved will pay benefits in many other ways.

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