Make Outdoors More Inviting with Solus Firepits and Firebowls

Solus Firepits and Firebowls

Solus is a respected designer of hand-crafted concrete firepits and firebowls that give you yet another reason to spend time outdoors. Its fantastic products – the Solus Firebowl Hemi 36 and Elevated Halo – are available at Bonavista.

The Solus Firebowl Hemi 36 can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space. Designed to be an eye-catching focal point, the hemispherical pit boasts simple yet strong lines. Its 36″ diameter and 16.5″ height make it a substantial addition to your backyard. It creates the right mood for outdoor dining in the company of a loved one or guests. You have a choice of propane or natural gas with the Hemi 36, and it produces a neat 75,000 BTU flame. It comes with a river rock/lava rock tapping, has a simple key valve mechanism and can be lit manually. With a fuel source, your Hemi 36 can transform your outdoors significantly. You can take your pick from 12 different colors.

The striking concave lines and welcoming glow of the Elevated Halo Fire Pit draw you towards it. It is ideal for intimate gatherings and outdoor parties. It comes with a 40,000 BTU flame, offering a choice of propane or natural gas. Like the Hemi 36, the Elevated Halo boasts easy operation. An electronic burner is an optional accessory with both products.

Concrete firepits from Solus are excellent alternatives to traditional wood burning pits, which pose safety risks and are prohibited during hot and dry seasons in Canada and many parts of the world. Durable, eco-friendly and aesthetic, Solus’s products offer year-long service. Buy the Hemi 36 and Elevated Halo to spruce up your backyard/outdoors in a real and meaningful way.

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