All About Pool Fences

Outdoor pool

You have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard and just can’t contain your joy. But have you given a thought to the safety aspect? Building codes may require you to ensure that your pool has a fence, so how do you combine safety with good design? It is not an impossibility, really, and if you can think smart, you can have both safety and aesthetics in your pool area.

Fences to choose from

There are removable fences, interior and perimeter fences that you can choose from. Removable ones are ideal if you entertain guests a lot and need a lot of space. Removable fences can be removed and installed as and when you choose, so they are flexible. Interior fences refer to the ones that enclose only the pool region, and leave the rest of the backyard open. The perimeter one is a fence around the yard, but qualifies as a pool fence only if the height and gate needs adhere to the safety regulations.

Pool fencing material

The materials used for pool fencing are as follows:

Glass: Using a glass fence can lend a touch of elegance to the pool area, and doesn’t come in the way of the landscape. However, glass is expensive and could break.

Wood: Traditional pool fences invariably come in wood, and offer privacy. They lend a nice aesthetic touch as they are available in many designs, but on the flipside, they block the view. On the positive side, they are durable and strong.

Aluminium: Aluminium pools are durable and elegant. They also provide privacy, but the disadvantage is that they could corrode and need constant maintenance.

Mesh: Mesh fences are popular because they are durable, stable, and come in many colors. Also, they are maintenance free.

However, for greater aesthetics and creativity you can mix and match materials. You could consider a glass fence as one layer, and then line one side of the glass fence with a small colorful stone wall where tall trees can be planted for privacy.

You can have one big vinyl outer fence and then plant some shrubs against it. Line up the interior side with a small stone wall to contain the shrubs. The vinyl fence could be designed like a typical wooden picket fence.

How about a pergola with columns and rafters, and lots of climbers on all sides of the pool? The pergola does double-duty as a fence as well. Lends a Mediterranean touch to your pool.

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